Tom Holland says he had 8 auditions for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

The actor's gymnastics skills helped him land the Spider-Man role.
5:55 | 06/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Holland says he had 8 auditions for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
It is an audience full of "Spider-man" fans. And the star of "Spider-man: Homecoming," Tom Holland. Yes, you asked. We are live on television. Are you okay? I'll be okay. So "Spider-man," so exciting. Thank you. You finally just saw it with your family. Your little brothers in Yi, I saw it once when there was no effects and no cgi then I saw it -- yeah. And then I saw it the other day with my family for the first time with all the sound and all the effects and it really blew me away. The best was my dad. My dad doesn't like superhero movies at all ane he was like close to tears. It's so good. His little baby spider. All grown up. Yes, so it was an amazing experience. I'll bet. That we were together. How close are you to the character? I think that's why I love spider-man so much growing up is that I could relate to him on a personal level because I was also going to high school, you know, I was also struggling talking to 2k3wir8s, struggling with homework. Oh, come on. No, honestly and as far from smooth as you can imagine but, yeah, so I could relate to him on such a personal level and that's why I think he's one of the most loved characters in this universe. And you play him to perfection. Do you want to take a look at "Spider-man" right now? Here it is. Go up. Go up. I'm going to die. ??? Whoa! That looks like so much fun. It was fun. Tons of gymnastics. Had you to be so limber and flexible. How did you learn all the game fast ticks involved. I was luck I did a show in London called "Billy Elliot" go oh, that little thing. And trained moo he in gymnastics while doing that and it was something I kept up while finishing the show and for my auditions for "Spider-man" all I did was send them videos of me doing backflips. By the way, I can do gymnastics then I got -- I got to my final audition and it was a fight scene with Chris Evans and says "Spider-man" flips in the frame and I said do you want me to do a flip and they're like can you do a flip and I was like, yes, I've been sending all these videos for weeks. But, yeah. How many auditions did you have. Eight. Eight. Eight auditions. I love that. That had to be nerve-racking. You can feel that and you felt some injuries too. This wasn't all fun and game, right? Yeah. My worst injury didn't actually happen on set. I was doing stunts every single day, never once hurt myself and when we'd finish shooting I was packing up my bag and carrying it down the stairs and, you know when you miss a step, I just slid all the way down the stairs tore my acl. Tore your acl. You made it through the entire shoot and tore your acl with luggage. Two days later tore it and trying to get through it and eventually I went to the doctor's and said you tore your acl. You know you're worried there's nothing wrong with you and relieved there's something wrong with you. I was complaining for weeks. Oh, thank god. You have an amazing performance in the movie but you also had an incredible performanqe in "Lip sync battle." You performed Rihanna's "Umbrella." You were amazing. We have a clip like. That that was that like and did Rihanna ever reach out to you. This is incredible. I got to say dancing in the rain is so fun but so dangerous. Wow. You are -- Extension. Serious. So you got the gymnastics. Every time I watch it I get really nervous. How did I do this? Tom, are you willing to show our audience some moves? Would you guys like to see -- would it help you if we had an audience member come up with you? I think we've got Nick Carter right over here that might want to come up and do it with you. You guys want to do that? It's on. It's live on television. I can't say no now. ??? Hey, man. ??? Everybody ??? How old are you? 21. He could definitely be in the next boy band. We can always use "Spider-man" in a boy band. Okay. What you got. What you got? Have you ever heard of a song call "Backstreet's back" by backstreet boys. Yes. We'll do that. So I saw that video. That was merchandise like you got the moves for sure so what we're going to do you're going to go five, six, seven, ??? everybody step, step, yeah, dat, dat, dat, dat. Right, left, left, left, right. He's quick. He's quick. Then we'll go, dat, dat, da, da. And da. Just that's all I want. ??? He got it. "Spider-man: Homecoming" in theaters July 7th. We want -- you guys are great. Everybody in the audience, get out of the way of this, two tickets to see the movie in

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The actor's gymnastics skills helped him land the Spider-Man role.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48294411","title":"Tom Holland says he had 8 auditions for 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'","url":"/GMA/video/tom-holland-auditions-spider-man-homecoming-48294411"}