Toni Braxton, Family Battle in 'GMA's' 'Family Faceoff'

Stars of "Braxton Family Values" discuss big news that will surface in hit show's new season.
5:56 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toni Braxton, Family Battle in 'GMA's' 'Family Faceoff'
To you to the braxton family, hit reality show follows the lives of multi-grammy winner toni braxton and her four sisters and momma and they're here with mom, miss evelyn and inside scoop on the third season which premieres tomorrow. First a look at a braxton family meal. Guys, we have to move to bee. I'm allergic. Where did it go? Right by your feet. Really? I'm not helping, am i? Riverdance, go away. Riverdance. If you do riverdance around these -- do the riverdance. Come on, riverdance. Come on, black people, riverdance. Funny, funny, so happy to have all of the sisters here. Toni, tracy, that watowanda and evelyn in the house. How color coordinated and beautiful you are. It can't be easy. It's pretty simple. We don't have the same outfits on. Robin and I try to do that. I want to start with you, taye, you have wonderful news to share. Well, I'm pregnant. Congratulations. yeah. So very happy for you. How are you feeling? Well, I feel great and greedy at the same time. Why greedy. What? You want it when you want it. This is the most I've eaten ever I thi well, you look great. You. Stand up. All right. In white. I'm brave. Are you allowed to say how far along you are. I don't have that many months to go. Well, almost there. And the shoes. You're not afraid still. I still have to be tay-tay. Please don't go changing. I'm thrilled you're feeling well. Thanks for sharing that with us. Evelyn, you must be so thrilled. I am. I am so proud. That is wonderful news. Little girl you take care of. Of course. She's my eating partner right now. Ooh. She's telling on us. I eat healthy. Okay. I don't. And you don't have to. And you don't have. I want to ask toni, how are you feeling. Today is a good day. I love that. Struggles but I'm feeling really great. Excited today. That's great. Glad to hear that and tracy. Yes. Motorcycling. Yes. Really? Yes, I wasn't able to do it when I was 16 because my mom and dad always said no so now I'm a grown woman. I can do this. What are they going to do about it? Right. What are they going to do about it. I want to ask you, towanda, we saw a little bit of tension. Is that still happening with your sister tay that you're sitting next to. We love each other and, of course, we're sisters so there's always going to be some africas and have a lot of disagreements. But the root is we all love eac other and always come back to each other. I want to ask you treena, you renewed your vows. Yes. Went through a lot of ups and downs. How is everything in your marriage? Well, you know, marriage is not easy, but I think we are a true testament of for better for worse. Hopefully we've been through the worse and the better is yet to come. Girl. What do you think about a little game show? Yes. come on over. whoo! Yeah. Whoo! All right. Everybody, here we go, we are going to test your family knowledge. We're calling this is the braxton family face-off and basically it's pretty simple. I'm going to ask you a question, the first to buzz in get the right answer gets a point and we will let you know what the prize is. Are you ready. Question number one, last season miss evelyn was set up on a date with a guy she said was so young he had milk behind his ears. What was that gus name? Ooh. Histaly. His name, you don't remember, his name was ralph. Oh. Ralph. What is toni know storytoer notorious for doing -- no, you cheated. You don't get a point. Thank you. I'm going to -- towanda. Being late. That is correct. Oh. And well, let's g we got to get going and get points. Oh, my gosh, the pressure. What was the name written on towanda's cake in italy? S tonanda? That is correct. Okay. If I -- I'm going to give you a line from a song trina recorded. If you don't want to party -- then you got to go home. That is correct. I believe we have a winner and we are out of time. Ladies, thank you all for playing.

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{"id":18718240,"title":"Toni Braxton, Family Battle in 'GMA's' 'Family Faceoff'","duration":"5:56","description":"Stars of \"Braxton Family Values\" discuss big news that will surface in hit show's new season.","url":"/GMA/video/toni-braxton-braxton-family-values-stars-battle-gmas-18718240","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}