Top Costumes for Trick-or-Treaters

Find out which costumes are flying off the shelves this year.
4:47 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Top Costumes for Trick-or-Treaters
the "gma heat index," the halloween costumes that everybody wants. And sara haines is here with the hottest viral looks that we think everyone will be wearing. She has a few for herself, even. Sara? Whoa. I have my wonder woman down cold. This is only the classic go-to costume. That didn't work so well. Not so good with the whip. But we went hunting for this year's top costumes with very cute lilttle helpers. With less than a week before halloween, the costume search frenzy is on. Yahoo! Has everything costume ideas from makeup kids to fox costumes. We wanted to see for ourselves. So, "gma" went to ricky's for a costume sneak peek. I joined some friends to walk the runway in some of the season's hottest looks. Katniss everdeen is a megahit this year. And "breaking bad" costumes are flying off the shelves. Princesses, and superheros and "star wars" are classic hits. If you had to pick between dressing up and getting candy, which would you pick? Candy. Reporter: Why are we in costumes right now? We can get more candy. Reporter: And while americans are expected to unload a whopping $2.6 billion on costumes, we'll also be spending nearly $330 million on costumes for our furry friends this year. Nothing to bark at. Is that si and willie from "duck dynasty"? I think halloween is following tv. It's following closer, the reality costumes. The popular culture. Reporter: And sometimes the coolest costumes are the ones made right at home. This l.E.D. Creation by roy for daughter zoe, is burning up the internet. So, we also have some other halloween costumes that I'd like to say, we introduced to you on "pop news" on "gma." First up, dad and daughter, roy and zoe. Always known as l.E.D. Girl. 7 million people have looked atcostume. How did you come up with it? And are you surprised of the reaction? This is weird. I came up with the idea for snowboarding at night. I thought it was funny. Now that she's able to walk at halloween, I thought a two-foot little stickman is going to look hilarious. Absolutely -- oh. She's melding two costumes now. Zoe is just adorable. We love the idea. We're thinking you might start a trend this halloween. Thank you for coming in. Thank you for giving us a smile. Very original. Ingenuity. And another great costume -- bye, zoe. Be careful. Next up, we have -- this is toddy. We introduced you to toddy a couple of days on "pop news." Toddy is known as the wrecking ball. Can you put toddy down? I like that the barbie has the hair up. Did you win the contest? I didn't win yet. The voting is open until the th OF OCTOBER. We're excited. People keep voting. I'm not sure where we're at right now. But it's the petco make a scene contest. It's genius. It doesn't seem like it was hard to create. You need a nude barbie and a gray pad. Good luck with the contest. Thank you. Toddy, you're a patient pug. Sara? We have daft punk over here. And we have the minions from "despicable me." AND doc McStuffens. And sharknado. Thank you, guys, all. And really happy early halloween. Great ideas for next week.

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{"id":20680817,"title":"Top Costumes for Trick-or-Treaters","duration":"4:47","description":"Find out which costumes are flying off the shelves this year.","url":"/GMA/video/top-halloween-costumes-trick-treaters-20680817","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}