Tornadoes and Flooding Hit the Southeast

ABC News' Ginger Zee has the latest details on tornadoes reported near Atlanta.
0:54 | 11/19/15

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Transcript for Tornadoes and Flooding Hit the Southeast
flooding in the southeast. Tornadoes reported around Atlanta plus millions on alert for a big winter storm. Ginger. Yeah, winter storm. We're talking about it. We're almost there. Let's start with the pictures out of Atlanta. Those volks plowing through the water. Rainfall rates of an inch or more per hour and then the damage to some of the homes in central Georgia. All from potential damaging winds or tornadoes. Those storms calmed down a lot this morning but moving to the north and east, mid-atlantic and northeast will see the rainfall from them and that winter storm is one of our big headlines from Milwaukee back to Sioux City, Iowa. How much snow are we talking central Iowa could see more than a half foot. Just north and west of Chicago has been some of the heaviest rain and snowfalls and I think Milwaukee gets really close. So behind this, I'm talking teens, that's right. Oh. Teens. Why. I know but I got to do it. George. I'll be back in a couple

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee has the latest details on tornadoes reported near Atlanta.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35300402","title":"Tornadoes and Flooding Hit the Southeast","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-flooding-hit-southeast-35300402"}