Tornadoes Rip Through Texas, Surrounding States

Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.
2:58 | 05/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tornadoes Rip Through Texas, Surrounding States
Duct tape to superxwlu. We'll turn now to the extreme weather hitting a large part of the country, dozen states battered by severe storms. Two of those states hit by reported tornadoes. It's not over yet. More severe weather is on the way and ginger zee is chasing the storms in oklahoma city. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Good morning, bianna and everybody. Yesterday was basically a warm-up for the atmosphere and it happened over rural areas. Today, that threat intensifies and it starts to target populated spots like oklahoma city, that's why we're here because this could be a dangerous day especially if we get a repeat of this. Up close and unbelievable. Tornadoes rip across central kansas. Take another look. This tornado is for real. And this tornado was definitely well documented. Best tornado I have ever seen. Reporter: Here it is, torturing the land beneath. From this angle the twister terrifying with lightning behind and look at it here, in sanford, kansas, when it touched down again. That tornado hit at least one home. Fortunately the owner took cover in his home and survived. More than 200 severe weather reports. Then there was the hail. Up to softball size. It's definitely been a busy weekend, elsewhere, too, look at this, more than 8 inches of rain shut down roads and flood ed carsed. They have been here their whole life. They haven't seen anything like this. Reporter: But this wild-weather weekend is only againing. More than 43 million people that have to be on alert. On this end of our weekend. As we go toward the beginning of the week. Here is what I want to show you. All ingredients shoving together. You can feel it here in oklahoma city. That dark, red, area, more intense possibility of tornadoes. Again, it could be bug hail, damaging hail or isolated tornadoes. Of course, more intense there, here from kansas city down to oklahoma city. Tomorrow I the threat moves east and very slowly. This whole system is very slow. We'll watch that slide over to places like chicago, des moines could be included, all of the way to texas. Large area, multiday-thing that we have to talk about. I have a bunch on flooding later. Ginger zee, as she said on the broadcast yesterday, I don't chase sunshine. That's incredible video. All right. Now, let's turn to ron claiborne for a look at the developing stories.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19210826","title":"Tornadoes Rip Through Texas, Surrounding States","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-rip-texas-surrounding-states-19210826"}