Toy Fair 2013: Hottest New Toys

Laurie Schacht shares some fun with Josh, Lara and Sam.
4:18 | 02/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toy Fair 2013: Hottest New Toys
Is the toy insider mall and that she's your -- welcome by the way. Can't get him -- She's here because the 110 annual American international toy fair just wrapped up here in New York City by the way and she's got all -- -- On what the big hot toys are going to be might do before we even now. I have no idea what that even. He's all right so yes and the -- just wrapped up by but some of the coolest things that you see you later in the air yell. These are hacks not nano BT news -- API gravity defying. Robots they go up. Hope they stay out of town -- may go a crime and -- -- -- have a tax is actually Nixon that you could learn that like a robot golf yesterday absolutely -- just like robot bunt on an a lot of I did not pay for wanted to. That's at all -- -- suddenly go -- so basically that what they do think that it'll get a couple days ago -- -- -- build on Iraq. That really placards I don't these have -- here except that. Vacuum cleaner the dog -- -- I mean it isn't laughing yeah got a terrible seven PRA and twice and -- radio control cars. -- cool and yeah. Yeah all all -- -- -- -- just like. Yeah narrative -- very very big blue. Dressed do you Zimmerman again what he's -- -- basically I know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that the I don't know. Another it was about the details about because it's so it's a regular -- control that by pushing a button. -- what happens -- Flat -- that you want kids today is crazy -- you if you. That -- actually like little match up for tomorrow -- a lot of lives we're gonna fly with the on the part. -- cool black. All right you. -- and flight but it did I can move her home -- -- with the palm of my name. -- -- Just read literally -- -- shooter probably -- -- they don't like her winning yeah. Well they -- right away OK OK all right -- -- to take a ride with me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right Janet on the an electric scooter. The drink yeah danger written all over the -- but it's really they really doesn't -- what has happened is oblivious as we. Behind need to get some speed behind us so that we don't have anyplace to go in the studio but well we're gonna try. Are you go first -- so what's new oh. Well. Sam what can go wrong -- know you're the toy expert at -- almost. You know what I like to get a little more and do it right I should get used to the break -- but again on the. -- I'm me again as soon. That's like if -- game. -- -- -- Then why -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love yeah. -- -- -- Toy insider mom thank you for bringing home.

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{"id":18502301,"title":"Toy Fair 2013: Hottest New Toys","duration":"4:18","description":"Laurie Schacht shares some fun with Josh, Lara and Sam.","url":"/GMA/video/toy-fair-2013-hottest-toys-18502301","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}