'Toy Hunter' Finds Money in Vintage Toys

Jordan Hembrough finds the most sought-after toys on his Travel Channel show.
3:12 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for 'Toy Hunter' Finds Money in Vintage Toys
more than you think. Jordan hembrough is here. The host of toy hunter on travel channel. Going across the country in search of the most sought-after items. Basically becomes santa claus. Is this the coolest job? It is. I'm so lucky to do what I do each and every day. Let's get right into it. I recognize the furbys. This is vintage? From 1998. E beautiful thing is, all the toy compies are coming back out with the vintage toys. Hasbro toys has come out with the brand new furby. I like the call it furby 2.0. What are we talking? Dollars and cents? Anywhere between $75 and $100. Look. All other toys take a back seat to the "star wars" action figures. In the box, we have -- we have loose ones. An x wing fighter. These are the reissues by gentle giant. They've taken all of our classic star wars figures that you and i grew up with and they supersized them for the new generation. Retail fb for about $80. Highly collectible. You can play with them, put them on your desk. It's fantastic. Here we have -- barbie. The holiday special by barbie. 2012. These are really collectible. We're going the get over here. This, I believer, katie is o staffer. This is our good friend and clegg. She's camera shy this morning. Your curious george is worth? This was done by knickerbocker. Anywhere between $35 to $45. Not bad. It's money. Wow. Then we're having -- is this a -- should I recognize? This is vintage from the 1950s. Done probably by vogue corporation. You're look at between $75 to $100. Nice. Hold on to it. Thank you. This is fantastic. I see this is heavy metal. This was a premium given away at car dealerships. When you bought a car in 1957, they gave you this premium toy. A 1957 bel air. Worth $75 to $150. It's not just the baseball cards. It's toys, too. The holiday episode of toy hunter. Premieres wednesday on the travel channel. For jordan's tips of preserving your children's toys while they're using them, go the

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{"id":17924965,"title":"'Toy Hunter' Finds Money in Vintage Toys","duration":"3:12","description":"Jordan Hembrough finds the most sought-after toys on his Travel Channel show.","url":"/GMA/video/toy-hunter-jordan-hembrough-finds-money-vintage-toys-17924965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}