First Look at New Toys for 2014

Toy insider Laurie Schacht previews some cool new toys you'll see on shelves this year.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for First Look at New Toys for 2014
-- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm here an -- play with toys I just realized I can't change so this is what I'm going to have to Wear out -- guy look yeah. Tech wreck -- -- what you're wearing if I -- ready to. I don't -- play. -- south. American international -- point there is coming to the Javits Center this Sunday and it is the first time the media really gets to see the toys. Better coming up for 2014. But I was able to get my hands on a few samples and prototypes of some of -- best toys you're going to -- we're gonna start with a little winds. Our -- and count diner this is humvee attack and they're great for -- they're known for their educational toys for little kids. This is really -- his numbers and shapes and he's hungry dine out. And it's turning you mind. And I'll ask someone -- just a minute eat him if he'd. Had it all business and get it. -- yeah. Killing -- let me update to me yeah. -- me what happened. Need a lot of -- you're asking that aren't -- I think analysts. So really cute everything starts in his belly into physical toll Democrats if -- -- about how part of my alerting developments. Out that's not happened this everyone's favorite act yes it. All of the broken twice and now staff makes house calls this is our walking -- -- mobile. Let's hope -- Singh's talks a lot. I have not had an wow. She is adorable I love this it's got everything she needs and -- to her friend Lanny I think -- still want to -- doesn't make diamonds. Now they can pretend they -- dot. This is there -- -- been talking mobile everything they needed -- -- day. Check out -- a heart -- there. We have everything we mean we even have our blue balloons in the front. Many come separate but it's just chock -- of everything the kids want to be down next step and this is going to be the pack and head -- right hand man I don't -- -- girl no indictment stuff -- -- little boy and I have to tell you boys love doesn't accept and even thinking him her forget it doesn't -- that they love death and they're gonna love all these things just critics hate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- everything. That could -- -- -- will -- just came out this weekend. And it out this let -- -- here. -- -- figure it everyone thought was an extraordinary. Master builder. -- -- him with making showing that he stops people tightly. From -- the universe together yeah. You don't have had a good uterus -- -- us so this is our plant -- palace it is happy his place on earth. I'm -- and Albert Lord -- evil -- so it's how we create all of their favorite scenes. I'm sure they and then basically that that man and Elena imaginations start telling then his love and Doug love this -- everything is -- -- -- two sets that you see them. How robots. Robots are big this year I want to even meet. The yes but can you tell -- Mitt stands for -- isn't pretty -- -- -- and at the we have had this -- that mr. and McCrary has. And -- until there are going to be calling about -- submit -- an interactive robot. -- will be on hand most yeah. But of course we do not robots say he's -- into different modes at all but I -- Karen I haven't got a robots can dance. -- Payment. Yeah. And said he did he admit that there -- a dance and and he's got Bluetooth capabilities you can control my. My device is he's got lots of different modes and his lots of clients and you will see a lot of robots this comic -- -- next -- I want my that these are -- -- Eddie. And yeah is it Johnny is not these are everywhere to keep blood -- -- -- -- Don T know our strike used by -- South this is mainly -- cap guns and Mark McKinnon and mark. I don't know I'm being very different and I -- no -- at the check it is a great -- doesn't happen and that. The -- database. -- -- -- Accept and -- exited the glow in the dark art -- Jeremy -- -- And there. -- -- -- Okay. -- let him come yeah. There but they -- -- market next kinds of side. We went and deposited in Connecticut wants to do this there let's bring enough fact that I had been some -- -- Day. Yeah I want to talk about the -- the -- shark -- So yeah has a great does not -- -- -- surfboard design but it just skateboard it's got to -- in the front. And one -- -- -- -- that's that this is the front yes Wilson the front and it's. Like surf board feeling it's an extreme. Skateboard for kids and they couldn't leave the ocean behind me all the urban search thing -- -- Yeah yeah yeah and one which I can't add muscle in -- of prototype yeah -- yeah. Absolutely let me illustrate your -- is lending me. -- While a black. Suspect that's that the U you -- -- -- kind of an expert at a -- right. This is would be extremely high -- Yeah. This is about why that -- yeah. Well this dad. Prince -- yeah. Yeah we'll bring -- back up -- -- yeah. That's. And at the reverend Allen added that might this that this is all going to be coming out and what if what you have things to -- -- 2014 Sosa did. These -- holiday like got mixed up but it's not gonna seek to look for a while hot chocolate and died after being taken when he took the ball these -- out restrained and that that there. -- -- out restrain myself it's a little bit of everything on the very angry and I said Kelly yeah yeah.

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{"id":22479091,"title":"First Look at New Toys for 2014","duration":"3:00","description":"Toy insider Laurie Schacht previews some cool new toys you'll see on shelves this year.","url":"/GMA/video/toys-2014-22479091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}