Tracking the Latest Path of Hurricane Matthew

ABC News' Ginger Zee reports from Melbourne, Florida, on Matthew's impact and projected path.
2:09 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracking the Latest Path of Hurricane Matthew
That hurricane hitting Florida right now let's look at the radar of the I want just touching the coast that's the East Coast and let's take a look at port Canaveral. It is right by Cape Canaveral law officials they are warning that high winds could bring structures down every one on over. And understandable why take a lot look at Cocoa Beach fierce rain and winds they're at this hour here is what we know right now. 3.2 million people from Florida for the Carolinas have been told to evacuate. At least 300000 people are without power in the state of Florida more than 2250. US flights have been canceled today and tomorrow. And take a look at the storm right now it is 350. Miles wide and covered an estimated 280000. Square miles just in. Massive storm Martinez on the ground all across the storms on. Did it here in Jacksonville rob Marciano in Charleston would immediately ginger she's in the thick of the storm right now in Melbourne Florida good morning ginger. I think you're talking to me judge the last couple of hours have been wild here in parts of Florida I am of course in Melbourne word a protected area and we still seeing gusts. About two almost eighty miles prowler. Here at want to give you an idea of what's happening Cape Canaveral had a 107 mile per hour gusts. And the leaves have been reported up to thirty feet. The wind the waves the storm surge that's what we're all concerned about and each mile makes a huge difference I have to tell you. That we're less than fifteen miles from dangerous or even deadly winds and as that approaches. Areas like Daytona Beach and eventually Jackson dealt that's what I'm concerned about today's us so many folks still on the highway and or hurricane warnings up along the coast. And check this out tropical storm watch still in effect for parts of Tampa. Look along the 'cause it to Savannah Charleston. That's all in the warning at this hour and let me also take you do the timing Jacksonville gets it tonight at 5 PM. I wanted to leave it this guy's just a moment though the wins are only sixty some miles per hour currently. A light just blew off the top of the hotel debris can still fly at you and be very dangerous please don't go outdoors stay in a safe place and we'll be that put a whole lot more information. Distancing and yeah.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee reports from Melbourne, Florida, on Matthew's impact and projected path.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42638137","title":"Tracking the Latest Path of Hurricane Matthew","url":"/GMA/video/tracking-latest-path-hurricane-matthew-42638137"}