Tracking the Latest Presidential Poll Numbers

Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to rise as voters indicate they trust the Republican candidate to handle terrorism.
1:53 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Tracking the Latest Presidential Poll Numbers
Let's dig into it now with Jon Karl and Tom llamas. This lead for Donald Trump in our poll remarkably durable. This is no flash in the pan. Just take a look at ABC's polls going back to may. He was only at 4% before he got in. Since July he has had a lead of at least 10% in every single abc/"washington post" poll now, of course, his lead more than 0 points. Republican voters trust him on all the big issues, national security the top of the list. Look at the attributes. On the question of who can handle terrorism the best, look at this, by far and away, trump wins that. And here's the one that amazes me, who has the best chance to win in 2016? And in our poll overwhelmingly people say Donald Trump. Even though the poll also shows that Hillary Clinton would beat him more than any other candidate, yeah. You're out on the trail with trump all the time been taking jabs at Ted Cruz. Expect that tonight? It's the fight that everyone wants to see and I'm sure the fight that CNN, the host of the debate wants to see. Turns has been a counterpuncher and yesterday said Cruz is a good guy and may be softening the blows. Cruz said he doesn't want personal attacks and doesn't want to go down the gutter. The fight he wants to have is Rubio and attack him on obamacare and immigration. Rubio wants that fight with Cruz, as well, and, Jon, I'm wondering if Chris Christie will be the guy to take on trump tonight. Yeah, I mean he's there and fought his way back into the debate and has been playing that role, of course, he can bombast as anyone on that stage with the possible exception of trump. Rubio ready to go. His team said he's had four good debates and it's shown. Family from Vegas in the audience and the really prepared for several attacks from Christie, Rand Paul and senator Cruz. We'll all be watching. To robin. The fight against Isis. Defense secretary ash Carter

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to rise as voters indicate they trust the Republican candidate to handle terrorism. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35771913","title":"Tracking the Latest Presidential Poll Numbers","url":"/GMA/video/tracking-latest-presidential-poll-numbers-35771913"}