Tracy Morgan Talks Addiction

Actor and host of Billboard Music Awards discusses losing his family, current career success.
2:19 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan Talks Addiction
Well, the countdown is on for a huge music extravaganza here on abc tomorrow night. Some of the hottest performers in the music world will take the stage at the billboard music awards everyone from jennifer lopez to prince, actor tracy morgan is hosting the show and barbara walters sat downh wit him for a no holds barred interview for "20/20." Looking for dull and dignifi dignified, he not your man. Aims for funny on the red carpet and road in a new tour called excuse my french. You're back on stage doing stand-up comedy. Yeah. It feels good to hear my voice again, to hear my voice. Not reading someone else's lines. When I'm on stage I hike to let people know where I come from. Reporter: Born in the projects of new york city, his life was anything but funny. When you're funny in that environment, that's so rough, most people don't have $100 to go to madison square garden to see eddie murphy so I was their eddie murphy and they would protect me so I liked that feeling. Reporter: Tracy made people laugh on "saturday night live" then for seven years on the sitcom "30 rock" but with the fame came partying and drinking. So when you're on "30 rock" you were this funny, zany -- I was dying inside. The first two years. Reporter: What was the wake-up call? Losing my family. My wife wanted a divorce. Put the alcohol down and I just walked away from all of it. Reporter: And now you don't drink at all. Seven years clean. Reporter: Are you estimated every day? We all are. It's all around us but I fight. Reporter: You're 44 now. Did you ever think that you would be this popular when you were a little kid, that you would -- you know like being interviewed by barbara walters. Yes, something like that. No, this is all so real to me. Hosting the billboard awards. Get out of here. You can watch all of her interview and a special edition of "20/20," rock n royalty that's tonight 9:00 eastern on abc and she is well known to get people to open up but I didn't think it could happen with him. Such raw emotion that we saw.

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{"id":19207809,"title":"Tracy Morgan Talks Addiction","duration":"2:19","description":"Actor and host of Billboard Music Awards discusses losing his family, current career success.","url":"/GMA/video/tracy-morgan-talks-addiction-19207809","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}