Trauma doctor describes aftermath of Vegas shooting

Las Vegas hospitals treated more than 500 injured in the mass shooting at a country music festival that left at least 58 dead.
2:18 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Trauma doctor describes aftermath of Vegas shooting
We have the tape. The latest on the Las Vegas shooting. The shooter's girlfriend returned to the United States met by the FBI at Los Angeles international airport. Image of right there in the wheelchair. Authorities hoping Marilou Danley can help uncover the gunman's motive as president trump prepares to visit the city in the aftermath of the shooting. Let's go back to David Muir in Las Vegas for us where so many victims are still recovering at this hour. David. Reporter: Yes, especially, robin, when you think of that staggering number, more than 500 were injured in that concert. We spent some time at desert springs medical center where a surgeon by the name of Peter karovella took us room to room and they described the scene when they got that emergency call. The doctors themselves arrived. There were so many people who needed help they didn't know their names, they didn't know who they were operating on, simply jumped in to help save lives. We got here, there was probably 50 or 60 people in the er. 50 or 60 people here already. Already before we got here. It sounds as though there were so many patients you didn't even have time -- you didn't know who they were. Had no idea. The er docs did a good job and triaged everyone and said this one is critical. This one needs this and this one needs that. Reporter: Four of the victims pronounced dead shortly after they arrived here. So many of the patients with multiple gunshot wounds and this surgeon tells me this time it was different. We saw different pieces of the machinery and artillery that were basically dispersed throughout the abdomen, chest. So it appeared as though this suspect wanted to inflict maximum damage. Clearly, clearly. Reporter: You know, among the victims he helped save was a 19-year-old girl who was thrown under the back of a pickup truck just to get to the er and 21-year-old boy at the concert. A young man celebrating his 21st birthday and to be in that room when the surgeon walked back in and the parents were in these rooms with their children who had survived this concert and see that moment when the parents were able to thank the surgeon for helping to save their child's life is something I won't forget? I'm sure you won't, David. Thank you so much and we know you'll have much more on "World news tonight." Thank you, David.

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{"id":50272889,"title":"Trauma doctor describes aftermath of Vegas shooting","duration":"2:18","description":"Las Vegas hospitals treated more than 500 injured in the mass shooting at a country music festival that left at least 58 dead.","url":"/GMA/video/trauma-doctor-describes-aftermath-vegas-shooting-50272889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}