What Travelers Should Expect for Memorial Day Weekend

ABC News' David Kerley shares the latest details on holiday air travel.
2:02 | 05/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Travelers Should Expect for Memorial Day Weekend
In the middle of this severe weather an estimated 38 million traveling this weekend facing not just storms but those long airport security lines. ABC's David Kerley is at Regan national airport with more on all that. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, robin. In is the kickoff to the summer travel season and the bottom line if you are flying today expect some long lines when you come to security. We have basically going to see about 2 1/2 million more than that fly today. Now, the tsa says it's tried to prepare as well as it can given the limit of number of officers it has so at the top 20 airports you will see more canine units and you'll see more officers working the lines. The airlines say they're pitching in. More of their employees are in the lines moving bins and doing nonsecurity jobs to help the tsa screen. And we're seeing those technological advancements. There's that test program down in Atlanta. A new conveyer belt, you walk up, put yourself in a bin and push it on to another conveyer bell and move on. If the person hasn't emptied their pockets you get to continue on in front of them basically and one other thing, we talked about the limit on tos officers. The department of homeland security is asking congress to move some money so they can take a thousand part-time employees and make them full time which makes it easier to retain those employees. Yeah, hopefully all of that is going to help. Also, David, how do you go about, what's the best way to find your specific travel forecast. There is a way to do it. It's called my tsa. Eighthen app they run and if you can go in and choose your airport, let's say because lines aren't too bad in Washington, I pick Chicago and it comes up and tells me how long the wait is. They're saying 21 to 30 minutes on the app. Right now it's self-recording people saying how long they've waited. Tsa will make it more specific where they're going to actually put in the wait times. Let me go back to my e-mail to give you what we found lately, L.A.X., 10 to 15, Chicago, 20 minute, Atlanta, 15 to 30 minutes the wait right now. Expect those to get longer. All that is going to be extremely helpful. All right, David, have a great weekend.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"ABC News' David Kerley shares the latest details on holiday air travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39421968","title":"What Travelers Should Expect for Memorial Day Weekend","url":"/GMA/video/travelers-expect-memorial-day-weekend-39421968"}