School Project Becomes Gourmet Rice Krispie Treat Shop

Russell boys' charitable project turned into a business with a partnership with the Food Bank of NYC.
4:43 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for School Project Becomes Gourmet Rice Krispie Treat Shop
Is a great sort of story we're doing today and it does have I would connect a direct connection to super -- -- couple years ago. Daniel and Eli Russell young Brothers they started to bake sale they want to raise fifty dollars for schools charities. There's dad got involved in meets warm -- crispy -- and they sold the loop as you might -- -- lemonade -- -- see a little bit -- here two years later. It's fair to say it was a successful business model they have their very own store here in New York City it's called treehouse hand. Best part of all they have partnered with the food bank for New York City it is still serving victims of CD to -- one. Year later to discuss and all we -- joined. By the Russell handling this -- an -- -- and. -- -- -- -- OK so take me back to the very beginning. Couple years ago. I wanna do a lemonade stand I wanna do makes -- want to make it doubles so so how did it all -- little beginnings these. As we're above the charity to raise money for athletic equipment for children Africa. And you know we decided had a big sell them in the restaurant business for 25 years and instead of cookies or brownies are regular rates Krispy treats we decided to have a little bit of -- So the -- us with a couple -- body has gotten kitchen and sort of goofing around and after a few minutes we had. Supplement -- was between -- and then ten or fifteen minutes minutes later. We had butterscotch -- rice crispy treats and eventually dark cherry topic and I actually -- -- I would -- -- took him out of the street corner and the picture that you showed earlier and within a few minutes there was literally a lot of people that it queued up. Asking where we got these where they -- more and five minutes later people -- time they come back he's a fantastic. They sold out about two hours and -- 300 dollars to charity more than anybody else that day. A few weeks later I turned in my left out of -- You know. That they accidentally okay. Went -- to. Evidence -- what was it what was it like for you guys -- Aaron -- For allowing me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Turning to kids thinking planning and Nina didn't feel good for the media know what -- -- -- -- where Whitman the step up in the kitchen was reunited sweetest -- law. Yes you guys were the final quality control -- high incident you know when your parents and -- we were gonna do the -- maybe we're gonna deal also what you guys think. Positive thing. And you partnered with you partner with the food bank and Jennifer out of that come about. You know we're we're just looking to give athletes who started with the -- well and we wanted to. Come full circle so we decided you know what charity to -- want to partner up with -- food Bank of New York is such a wonderful charity and we want -- to be able to get back to people that. Can afford it a meal scripts. Favorite -- Carl tanned muscles they reflect your muscles things that just because you let the I -- -- -- -- -- assault on the on the board here that are -- if so please send them my didn't yes. And you know we we mentioned. In the food bank in part still serving meals to. The victims and then and those who suffered in hurricanes and -- -- -- New Yorkers that the DA not just the charitable aspect of partnering with food bank but helping. Those who you saw -- that most what's it like -- But it's it's very important us throughout the entire development of the business we decided to. Do something that was important are our communities. And we feel that if you come in our store if you order you know catering whatever you want to indulge yourself in something really because Sweden. No indulgent you know it's important to be able to give something back to people who really need food or nourishment or support. So off the top of every -- to leave so we do get -- answered the food bank. But doesn't that seem as meaningful fourth season. We're sharing -- tree and I. -- approval. Look. You guys. Thank you so much. Thank you union thank you are doing good you make me feel better about that the future of this planet I'm really really appreciate it thank -- -- and again. I know so many of you. On this day. It's hard to believe how far the tristate area has come in here it is also important to remember. Just how bad it was one year ago today and for more on these. Young entrepreneurs -- treehouse -- can place mail orders online go to -- dot com. For more information again as well on their charitable party can check out. Food bank NYC dot -- or think you guys tend to become an anvil rock.

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{"id":20713816,"title":"School Project Becomes Gourmet Rice Krispie Treat Shop","duration":"4:43","description":"Russell boys' charitable project turned into a business with a partnership with the Food Bank of NYC.","url":"/GMA/video/treat-house-school-project-gourmet-rice-krispie-treat-20713816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}