Former Trump campaign adviser subject of possible FISA warrant

The Washington Post reports the FBI obtained a secret warrant to surveil Carter Page.
1:57 | 04/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Trump campaign adviser subject of possible FISA warrant
Russia and a blockbuster new report on the trump campaign's contacts with Russia. "The Washington post" reports that the FBI obtained a secret court order last dumber to monitor trump adviser Carter page who they suspected was acting as an agent of Russia. Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross with the details. Good morning. Reporter: This could prove to be a major bombshell if "The Washington post" report this morning is correct. That the FBI was investigating one of Donald Trump's former foreign policy advisers as a possible Russian spy or agent of influence. The adviser's name is Carter page. A New York businessman who ABC news has already reported was a target of a Russian spy recruitment back in 2014. Page last week confirmed that he was under FBI scrutiny but said he was not a spy and that any documents he gave to Russian spies who are posing as officials were inconsequential. Any information I would give is -- is, again, immaterial and all public information. Reporter: You feel like you were working for them as an intelligence source? Of course not, of course not. That's what they call you. It's ridiculous. What is ridiculous about itty. Everything. It's just making something out of nothing. Good to see you. So, Brian, he says this is ridiculous but in order to get the court order the FBI had to say they had probable cause to believe he was a spy. That's right, "The Washington post" was reporting the FBI got a special FISA secret warrant to tap page's phones and computers because they told a federal judge they believed he was essentially Russian plant inside the trump campaign. Any response from the white house. This morning the white house has no official comment but said before that page was not a major player in the campaign. He was, however, one of five people mentioned by name when trump was asked during the campaign for his principal foreign policy advisers. As for page he e-mailed me a statement overnight saying all this shows what he said how low the obama/clinton regime would go to suppress dissidents like him who did not fully support their failed policy. To Martha Raddatz now. More on this.

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{"id":46744928,"title":"Former Trump campaign adviser subject of possible FISA warrant","duration":"1:57","description":"The Washington Post reports the FBI obtained a secret warrant to surveil Carter Page.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-campaign-adviser-subject-fisa-warrant-46744928","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}