Trump condemns terror attack in Egypt, calling it 'horrible and cowardly'

The president called Egyptian president Abdel El-Sisi to discuss the tragic event.
4:35 | 11/25/17

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Transcript for Trump condemns terror attack in Egypt, calling it 'horrible and cowardly'
We wanna turn out of politics. President trump condemning the quote horrible and cowardly terror attack in Egypt the president spending his holiday weekend. In West Palm Beach which is where we find out on a sack lot of good morning TON I want to ask you. Trump called the president of Egypt Abdel Al CC after the massacre can you tell us what was discussed. Good morning Holland and going to be with you as well you know the president offered his condolences following that horrific attack. Any promise of the United States would stand together with Egypt in the face of terrorism. Meanwhile the president's it now appears to be in Twitter war with time magazine what's what's going on there lot of. The president's that he was basically offered. Time's person of the year. Saying that he would have to you can he would have to consent to a photo shoot in an interview. That he was they'll probably going to get it to the president weeded out ice and probably is no good until the past thanks anyway. Time magazine is firing back that that's not how it happens they wrote the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. Time magazine does not comment on our selection until publication which isn't until December 6. You'll remember Dan and Paula. That that. A little bit ago the president sort of got called out for having a fake time magazine cover. Hanging up on display in many of his club including right here mar Alando. But after that with pointed out to be a fake disappeared I can tell you there's no sign of it here anymore. You can only imagine how one last question before really go on does the president seemed distracted by in the reporting that his former national security advisor Mike plan. Might be cooperating with prosecutors from the Russian investigation. Well the White House insists that they are not concerned about the tape the change in Flint legal strategy separating himself from the president. And all of its underscore that the president has a link yesterday with pro golfer Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods. Film seeming to indicate that they feel like they are still in their right and not at all concerned about the Mueller special counsel investigation stand Paula. Lot of Zack reporting in from Florida this morning lot of thank you let's bring in ABC news political analyst Chris insult this Anderson who's in Washington Kristen. Let's talk of about this news about Michael Fleming came out day or so ago that he is no longer his legal team is no longer. In communication with the trump legal team over the Russia investigation a lot of people reading this as a sign that he may be cooperating with Bob Mueller. How worried should the president be about this. Your view rule whether you're the president earlier Mike Flynn I think the worry for both of these men is about. Their sons or son in law's. You have on the one hand you have chaired Kush area at Donald Trump junior who was involved in that meeting between. Folks affiliated with the Russian government in the trump campaign that happened. Last summer but might claim own son is also sort of implicated in being caught up in in some of this because of his. Ties to Russia his involvement with the campaign. Suing both cases it may be that Mike Flynn is trying to work more with Bob Mueller worked warrant investigation. As a way to protect his own son that ought downside of this for trump could be. Is this leading to information that could implicates someone like questioner or Donald Trump junior. In a bigger piece of this investigation as is the case with the Russian investigation to be continue down congress returning from the Thanksgiving break with. A lot on a plate not found Turkey dinner but a lot of nasty few dead fast they have to pass the tax bill. Yet to avoid a government shut down there on the clock Kristin will they be able to put aside their differences and get this done. When it comes to the government shut down thought my expectation and my hope is that at a minimum congress will be able to kick the can down the road. On that I think by December 8 they have to come up with at least some kind of a short term fix. Two government funding. The threat here is that Democrats in congress have signaled they may want to hold this up in in. Exchange for getting Republicans to push something about the dreamers. Com doc making sure that those folks who. Were brought here as children have some kind of status that would prevent them from being deported. I'm so the question is to Republicans. Give on that or did they come up with something that just focuses on solving the budget issue. On taxes they're still a lot of things to be hammered out between house and senate bill did include provisions that would repeal pieces of Obama care. That stuff is still being discussed I think they may have a little bit of a longer way to go. On the tax bill you expect a flurry of activity before a big holiday Kristin thank you from Washington this morning.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The president called Egyptian president Abdel El-Sisi to discuss the tragic event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51376637","title":"Trump condemns terror attack in Egypt, calling it 'horrible and cowardly' ","url":"/GMA/video/trump-condemns-terror-attack-egypt-calling-horrible-cowardly-51376637"}