Trump Discusses Sexual Misconduct Allegations, 'Rigged' Election Remarks

"GMA" co-anchor George Stephanopoulos sits down with Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, and Trump's children -- Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Tiffany -- to discuss accusations made by numerous women, claims the election is rigged and the chances of winning.
7:45 | 10/27/16

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Transcript for Trump Discusses Sexual Misconduct Allegations, 'Rigged' Election Remarks
Now to Donald Trump. Sat down at the opening of his hotel in Washington in the home stretch of this campaign energized, upbeat and as you'll see in no mood to apologize to his critics or accusers. I did the first interview on the first day of the campaign. You did, that's right. Here in the trump hotel. What do you say to supporters who say you shouldn't be taking time off. I think it's so unfair because, you know, Hillary Clinton goes to see an Adele concert last night and everybody says, oh, wasn't that nice, isn't that wonderful. I have stopped -- I did eight stops yesterday. I built one of the great hotels of my world. What am I supposed to do, not show up. I built this hotel under budget and ahead of schedule. Now, that's why I'm doing this. You talked a lot about the fact you think this election could be rigged. I want to go back to 2012 and sent out a tweet -- The system is rigged. 2012, this election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy. How is the 2012 election -- I look at the way the media treats the Republicans and conservatives and I see the way it's so skewed. You called the whole election a sham and a travesty. The only thing is the way I'm being treated. Hey, it's record-setting bad treatment what I'm getting. The greatest pile-on in American history. I go to rallies and they're starting to hate the media because they see it's all about I -- all a big lie. A billion dollars in free media during the primaries. I don't know if you call it free when it's bad. What they should be talking about is wikileaks and the horrible things that have come out about Hillary Clinton. The horrible things. Let's stick on this election idea. George, she's so guilty. She deleted 33,000 e-mails. They're missing boxes of e-mails. She's so guilty of how could she even run but there's such anger over what she got away with. The FBI director appointed by a Republican said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. He made a mistake. Or whatever. I don't even call it a mistake. I think something happened. Look, something happened. What happened? Well, I think somebody talked to him. I think -- hey, look, how can president Clinton when -- You're saying the head of the FBI is corrupt? George, George, she's so guilty. Congress sends a subpoena. She deletes all of her e-mails, okay. She deletes them. If she wins I know you think you're going to win but if she wins and gets the kind of win that president Obama got, more than 300 electoral vote, several million in the popular vote will you accept -- I'll make that decision at the right time. I mean, don't worry about it. I'll make the decision at the right time. But we have a rigged system. Look at what's coming out with wikileaks. Look what they're saying. What podesta says, Hillary Clinton running for president has bad instincts. Bernie Sanders says she's got bad judgment. So if podesta says bad instincts, Sanders base bad judgment -- All 17 U.S. Intelligence agencies believe the rugs are behind that leak. Why don't you believe it. I don't know if they're behind it and I think it's public relation, frankly. You know what does bother me -- You were told by the head of the homeland security. He said the same thing. I don't know what he said. He told you he thought the rugs -- Hacking is untrusting. Hacking is very hard to determine who did what, okay. You know that. People are hacking all over the place and nobody knows. They don't know if it's Russia. They can't guarantee it's Russia and it may be. Let's talk about mosul. On Sunday you sent out a tweet saying that the operation was a total disaster. The defense secretary is on the ground says he's making progress and encouraged by the progress. The former Dean of the army war college this shows trump doesn't know a damn thing about military strategy. The army war college of the let me tell you, the element of surprise. I've been hearing about mosul for three months. We're going to attack. We're going to attack meaning Iraq is going to tack battack but with us. Don't talk about it. Element of surprise. One of reasons they wanted mosul they wanted to get the ISIS leaders who they thought were in mosul. Those people have all left. As soon as they heard they're going to be attacked they left. The defense second says 35 of them have been taken out. Excuse me. The resistance is much greater now because they knew about the attack. Why can't they win first and talk later? Why do they have to say three months before the attack we're going in. So you can tell your military expert that I'll sit down and teach him a couple of things. On Saturday you said you threatened to sue the 11 women who accused you of sexual assault. I hate you waste time when we're talking about ISIS and jobs and you're still bringing that up. Everybody wants to bring it up. Look -- That was just Saturday. These were false attacks. These things never happened. These people, I don't know these people. These things never ever happened. This was out of the blue. It was made up. Probably by the Clinton campaign. Do you have any evidence of that? Well, many of those stories have already been debunked. Many of the stories have already been debunked. "People" magazine story they brought forward six witnesses to corroborate the story. Why didn't she run it 12 years ago. She was afraid. Give me break. She would have gotten the pulitzer prize. All these women, everyone is lieing. They made up stories. Why? Fame or they wanted to help Clinton or something -- They came out after you denied the behavior. Let's not waste any more time. These stories were fabulous bring indicated. You'll go through with the lawsuit. We'll find out. Let's see what happens with the electric. We're going to find out. When you look back over the sweep of this campaign going back to last June anything you regret? Oh, absolutely. I'd love to have done certain things over but you can't. You can't but that's true in life. I'd love to have done in life certain things over and you would have too. Give me too. You would love to have not contributed to the Clinton foundation. There are things I would have rather, you know, not happen but, George, all you can do is you put your head down and go forward. Do you think you should have apologized to the khans or judge curio? I have great respect for the khan family. I have great respect for -- their son is a great hero but if I were president at that time, captain khan would be alive today, George. Because I wouldn't have been in Iraq. So, if I were president captain khan's son would be -- You did support it initially. Support the invasion? Look, let's get it straight. I was opposed to the war in Iraq. I was opposed to the war in Iraq and for the most part the honest people agree with it. The Howard Stern statement was pretty clear. Are you for invading Iraq? Yeah, I guess so. You know, I wish it was -- I wish the first time it was done correctly. Way before the war started and that was the first time I was even asked about Iraq I gave a very like, I don't know. Who knows, had I been president, captain khan would be alive today. We wouldn't have been in this horrible, horrible mistake, the war in Iraq. Final question, I heard backstage colonel Dolan said you said Hillary Clinton was a tough and talented lady. She said if I win, we have to work together. I know you think you're going to win. If she wins, are you prepared to work with her. I just want to make that decision at a later date. I'm not saying I'm not or I am. Hopefully I won't have to make that decision. I really believe we're going to win.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"\"GMA\" co-anchor George Stephanopoulos sits down with Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, and Trump's children -- Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Tiffany -- to discuss accusations made by numerous women, claims the election is rigged and the chances of winning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43096280","title":"Trump Discusses Sexual Misconduct Allegations, 'Rigged' Election Remarks","url":"/GMA/video/trump-discusses-sexual-misconduct-allegations-rigged-election-remarks-43096280"}