Trump friend on president's mood, wiretapping tweets

Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy tells "GMA" what he believes prompted Trump to tweet allegations that former President Obama had ordered a wiretap on him.
4:36 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Trump friend on president's mood, wiretapping tweets
Thanks very much. Joined by a close friend of president trump, Christopher ruddy of news max media and we know he reads that as well. You spent time with the president this weekend. You spoke to him after the tweets came out Saturday. Did he tell you where he got his information from. No, and I didn't ask him, but he was very confident and I would say very angry about the revelations he -- As angry as you've ever seen him. Yeah, sometimes people say he was in a rage, no, he wasn't in a rage. He just had a demeanor. He is a friendly, outgoing guy. The Donald Trump people see on rallies is not the Donald Trump when people meet him and certainly he loves being at the golf course and down in Florida. So he was angry and he was upset. He said, look, I was targeted by this guy, president Obama and they surveilled me and this is watergate. This is mccarthyism. As you know that's an incredibly explosive charge to charge -- say that your predecessor wiretapped your phones without any evidence, has now been denied and the FBI director at least telling the justice department it didn't happen. I want to see that in public. As angry as you saw, as angry as the saw the president over the weekend do you think if James Comey comes out and publicly says the president is just wrong the president will fire him? Well, if you look at these denials and you've been around Washington a long time so you know they've been parsing their words on a lot of these. First it wasn't president Obama didn't order the surveillance. That's what president trump is charging. He's charging that president Obama -- I saw the president at dinner Saturday night. He said to me -- I said there's a lot coming out and he said the evidence when this is looked into will come out. The truth will come out and I will be proven right. What will happen if he's proven wrong? I'm hour if he is wrong and it's not true he'll make an apology. You think he'll apologize. Well, he has before. I do think that -- Doesn't apologize for much. I do think the threshold is very low. I've talked to a lot of trump campaign people and I think there's almost 100% consensus among the leadership there that it one point or another their campaign was surveilled. If that is true, that is a really serious egregious thing. But if it's not true making the charge is serious and egregious. There is a lot of other serious things, let's go back over this. This is a president who has been under siege since the day he arrived. He had -- you've been in the white house -- two secret private conversations with heads of state. Within hours Obama leaked those to "The Washington post" to embarrass the president. You can't get more secretive a document than a private conversation with the president ahead of -- I don't -- That's a crime. Why is to one in the press talking about that. We did talk about that but as you know, every president gets enraged by leaks. My question is is this pressure getting to Donald Trump? You've spent a lot of time with him. I think he's really adjusting to the job. This is the first man in history that was not a politician or a general so he doesn't know the political world as much but what I've seen in his career when he went -- was 30 and came into Manhattan and started building the biggest buildings. 50, goes into television and has a hit show for 14 years. Two years ago he decides he's going to run for president. He is president. He is a quick learner and he will adjust. Only just 30 days into this and I do think the messaging -- the joint session speech was incredible. I saw the president in the oval office last week. He said people are telling me the best speech I ever gave and I think that will be more the level and the tone of this administration going forward but it's an adjustment period. I want to talk about. Newt Gingrich also close to the president said he's deeply frustrated as well and newt says the president won't survive unless he profoundly rethinks what they're doing and how they're doing it. Do you agree. The president is constantly thinking of ways of adjusting. Again, I've had a lot of interactions with his companies. They are not in chaos. They run really great. He always picks great people. He's always on top of everything happening. If he hears negative feedback about something going on in a company that he owns, he's like white on rice to fix it. It's just taking time. It's new. Everybody that -- he wanted to have fresh people come into that that weren't Washington insiders so they're on a learning curve. No one denies his team is an a-plus team in that cabinet. He's brought in heavyweight people. We have to end it there. Chris, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy tells \"GMA\" what he believes prompted Trump to tweet allegations that former President Obama had ordered a wiretap on him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45958080","title":"Trump friend on president's mood, wiretapping tweets","url":"/GMA/video/trump-friend-presidents-mood-wiretapping-tweets-45958080"}