Trump, Putin hold high-stakes meeting

President Trump told reporters he and Russian President Vladimir Putin "had some very, very good talks" at their first official meeting as heads of state at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.
2:11 | 07/07/17

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Transcript for Trump, Putin hold high-stakes meeting
Now the face-to-face between president trump and Vladimir Putin. This meeting the first time the two leaders have met since trump took office and ABC's Cecilia Vega joins us now from the site of the g20 summit. Good morning to you, Cecilia. Hi. Reporter: Hi, Amy. They've had a handshake and exchanged pleasantries and the white house not giving us a readout yet. The big meeting between the two takes place just a couple of hours from now. The president has been up early and tweeting all about it saying he's looking forward to that meeting and that, quote, there is much to discuss. This morning, the leaders of the most powerful countries in the world gathered together in the same room. And right there, the two men who will soon sit down for that high-stakes face-to-face. President trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. Ahead of perhaps the most high-stakes diplomatic meeting of his presidency, the president is back to tweeting about his old campaign rival. This morning going on about Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John podesta and the DNC e-mail hack thanking everyone, quote, including the haters for the reviews of yesterday's speech in Poland and taking a dig at the media saying, I will represent our country well and fight for its interests. Fake news media will never cover me accurately but who cares. This day of meetings with world leaders kicking off with a handshake with Germany's Angela Merkel. The white house bracing for Merkel and other leaders to come down hard on the administration for pulling out of the Paris climate accords. But it is all eyes on that closed door meeting with Putin. Scheduled to last just 35 minutes. In Poland the president offering a hint of the message he hopes to deliver. Not about Moscow's election meddling but rather Russia's role on the world stage. We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes including Syria and Iran. Reporter: And this morning the Kremlin says that president Putin has taken note of president trump's comments there. Now, again, in just a couple of hours the big meeting takes place. We know in this room it will be the two leaders, a small group, their translators and two top diplomats including secretary of state Rex tillerson. Amy, we are also told there is no formal agenda for what they'll talk about. Cecilia, do we now how trump has been preparing for this meeting? Reporter: Well, we know that he's been receiving briefings in general heading into these g20 meetings and that he has a binder for all -- one specific binder for all of the meetings that he will have here but nothing just about Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin, as you know, Amy, a former kgb operative has been studying the Donald Trump playbook heavily before he showed up here. All right. We will see what happen, Cecilia, thank you.

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{"id":48495101,"title":"Trump, Putin hold high-stakes meeting","duration":"2:11","description":"President Trump told reporters he and Russian President Vladimir Putin \"had some very, very good talks\" at their first official meeting as heads of state at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-putin-meet-1st-face-face-meeting-48495101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}