Trump reportedly demanded Mueller be fired

ABC News' Jon Karl and Dan Abrams discuss whether President Trump's reported call for the firing of Robert Mueller could be used against Trump in making a case for obstruction of justice.
2:51 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Trump reportedly demanded Mueller be fired
I want to have Dan Abrams join us, as well. Let's start out, the reason this could be so important is how it fits into a possible obstruction case against the president. Well, that's right. Remember, obstruction of justice relates to intent, what did the president intend to do meaning you don't have to succeed in obstruction of justice to be charged with obstruction of justice and certainly there's an argument to be made that you add this piece to the other pieces in the puzzle and this is one more potential problem for the president. Firing James Comey. The firing of James Comey, this with regard to Mueller, then you've got the Rosen Steen piece. There's piece after piece here and this is not going to be helpful. Jon, one of the things we've seen is consistent denials not only from the president but white house going back to last summer that the president was even thinking about this. Here's an interview I had with kellyanne Conway in August. Bottom line, does the president commit to not firing Robert Mueller? The president has not even discussed that. The president is not discussing firing Bob Mueller. But will he commit not to smiering him. He's cooperating with -- he is not even discussed firing Bob Mueller. It's clear there were discussion, several. Reporter: It sure looks that way. Unclear whether kellyanne Conway would have been part of any of those discussions. According to when it happened we heard from Chris ruddy, a friend of the president who told us on the record the president was considering firing Mueller so this is quite consistent with what we heard in realtime. And the white house was trying to knock that down at the time. So, Dan, we now see the president saying this is fake news, the whole story is fake news. Presumably at some point Robert Mueller will want to ask him about that. What happens if he says this is fake news to Robert Mueller? Well, then he could be charged with perjury. Again, I said from the beginning, I don't think that's going to happen. Because you don't think he will sit down with -- I don't think he will sit down and answer all questions. Will he answer some, maybe. We have to remember how big a deal it would be. Yes, it's no surprise. I was on the show predicting this would happen. But the bottom line is -- The intending firing Robert Mueller? I said how many days until it would happen but it would be shocking if it would happen. If you're not shocked by this possibility, it means you don't understand the system. There is a reason that the president can't even fire Mueller himself. It has to go through the attorney general's office, the reason for that is because the special counsel is supposed to be independent and not reporting to the president. So that we're even talking about this -- We have to keep this in mind. Thanks very much. Now to that other major headline out of the white house,

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{"id":52627040,"title":"Trump reportedly demanded Mueller be fired","duration":"2:51","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl and Dan Abrams discuss whether President Trump's reported call for the firing of Robert Mueller could be used against Trump in making a case for obstruction of justice.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-reportedly-demanded-mueller-fired-52627040","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}