Trump on Twitter taunts congressional Republicans over health care bill defeat

The president appears frustrated that his agenda seems to be stalled.
6:54 | 07/30/17

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Transcript for Trump on Twitter taunts congressional Republicans over health care bill defeat
We just confirm reports that the US missile agency defense agency just conducted. A test admits that anti missile defense system nuts is the summit designed to intercept any incoming missiles that can potentially pose rat. The test in Alaska had been previously planned but it comes two days after the latest rocket launch by North Korea and has new implications. For the US the North Korea's rocket's trajectory set at 2300. Miles into space. Before coming down into the Sea of Japan. The this morning there is growing concern that the angle of that trajectory can extend that range by a whole lot of Kim Jong-Il and says North Korea. Now can reach the entire united state. All this as president trump is now lashing out on China. On Twitter for not solving the North Korea problem. And of course he's still wrestling with Health Care Reform ABC's David Wright is at the white house with more good morning David. Good morning John and Paul of the White House is treating this latest North Korean missile test as a significant provocation. Escalating the US response and it comes just as the White House struggles to regroup after that big staff shake up. The president clearly frustrated that his agenda appears to be stole. US warplanes. Fueled and ready this bilateral mission on the Korean Peninsula. A direct response to the north's provocation. Friday's launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile was especially worrying. ICBMs. Might be able to reach the continental US to the US is testing countermeasures. Overnight the president also fired back with tweets I'm very disappointed in China he wrote in one tweet. Then in another. They do nothing for us with North Korea just talk we will no longer allowed this to continue the president is also tweeting his own party on Health Care Reform. Don't give up Republican senators don't world is watching. Calling them total quarters if they don't hold a revote and saying they look like fools surrendered just wasting time. Boy oh boy they've been working on that one for seven years can you believe wound. The swamp. President blames senate rules that require a sixty vote majority to end debate and pass major pieces of legislation. Republican senate must get rid of sixty vote now he tweeted. It is killing the Republican Party allows eight Democrats to control the country. But that's not what killed Health Care Reform. It took just 51 votes to scuttle back belch Republican John McCain's dramatic thumbs down. One big question now as general John Kelly takes over as the new chief of staff. Who will take over at Homeland Security. Some senior White House aides want attorney general Jeff Sessions to move into that role. But that may be a non starter with senate Republicans. Senator Lindsey Graham pointedly to weeded. Attorney general Jeff Sessions has a good ring do it highly qualified. Committed to the rule of law tough on crime plan. Fiercely independent. Any effort to move Jeff Sessions out of the Department of Justice would likely be seen as a precursor. To trying to fire the special counts. Oh Bob Mueller is looking into Russia. And that would cause a political firestorm here in Washington John Paula Sharon went back story to be continued Ari do it right thanks for reporting from the White House we bring and ABC news chief global affairs course responded Martha Raddatz is in Washington DC this morning just going to be hosting this week later this morning good morning mark dot. Good morning Paula and shot. I had not. We're not Anita back to DC the wake of the he jaguar yes you are we are fighting over you. Our let's begin with the issue of North Korea mark and they tested another Intercontinental ballistic missile which can Donald claims he reached the entire US but now the president is tweeting China isn't doing enough about it what do you make of this Twitter diplomacy is he threatening a trade war with China. Well it sounds like his threat. Being a trade war but I think what the president is is incredibly frustrated. They keep up the rhetoric rhetoric that was very similar to our past president's when it comes to North Korea. But North Korea has made enormous gains. What's happened is incredibly. Alarming this is the second ICBM. Test. The Washington Post recently reported about a confidential report by the Defense Intelligence Agency. That said North Korea could have and nuclear. Armed ICBM. By next year what what can China do. That they're not doing now what what does the president wants China to do what what what. When the president really wants China to do is cut off North Korea economically in other ways that will really put pressure on. North Korea they haven't done that the president is right they continue to say they will help. But there's been no real hard evidence they have a bigger question is what does Donald Trump do next what does he do about these missile test what does he do. About North Korea trying to get a nuclear weapon that can go on top of that you remember from the campaign John he said we will not let that happen. How they could do that is just unclear. And final question for you talk about John Kelly his first day on the job is tomorrow as chief of staff do you think at this four star general mark. It's going to be able to really instill law and order in the West Bank. Well I suppose if anybody can still it can instill some sort of order Paula it is a retired Marine Corps general but this is a challenge like he has never faced before. He goes and or white house with Watson different factions lots of different people and personalities to deal with. Just look what happened last week with a rant by Anthony. Scary Moochie how do you deal with that but but John Kelly is a very steady guy he will go forward with what ever he can to try to maintain order in the White House and as we now. Donald Trump likes him very much they have a very good personal relationship. Certainty right mind we're gonna let you go I wouldn't be of the big show to prepare for including now on the cameo from the sky coming up got along Ossetia and why I'll be asking that you requested. A little while I know are right aren't I great job great to have you as usual but coming up. On Martha's got that show this week after the GOP is a failure to repeal obamacare she's gonna go one on one with health and human services secretary Tom price. And former Hillary Clinton Campaign chair John Podesta plus or Russia's. Deputy foreign minister responding to the tough new sanctions against Russia passed by congress it's all coming up on this week right here on ABC's mark and you have. A lot team on pack as you know on Sunday morning.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The president appears frustrated that his agenda seems to be stalled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48932915","title":"Trump on Twitter taunts congressional Republicans over health care bill defeat","url":"/GMA/video/trump-twitter-taunts-congressional-republicans-health-care-bill-48932915"}