Trump's comments on immigrants create firestorm

ABC News' Cecilia Vega, Jon Karl and chief political analyst Matthew Dowd analyze the political fallout from Trump's reported comments in reaction to a proposed bipartisan immigration plan.
4:15 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Trump's comments on immigrants create firestorm
We'll bring in Cecilia Vega our senior white house correspondent and Matt dowd, we should say we reached out to everyone in that meeting yesterday. No one agreed to come on the show. But, Cecilia, first things first, we've seen the bipartisan reaction here in the united States. Democrats and Republicans condemning the president, alarm overseas. Reporter: And this is what the world woke up to, George. Just, you know, south African ruling African national congress called this extremely offensive. Take a look at what the former president of Haiti said. He said, quote, totally unacceptable. Uncalled for. Moreover it shows a rack of - respect and ignorance never seen before in the recent history of the U.S. By any president. Enough is enough. What is being said at home, blatantly racist, vulgar, un-american. That is the resounding response of this from both parties right now. Yeah, both parties right now and I have to say as we said we're not reporting the word right now. I think that's a mistake. I don't think it's right to censure the president or sugar coat it by how he revealed the word and I want to bring that to you right now. This has alarmed so many overseas right now and here in the United States. You're seeing the kind of reaction we saw in the charlottesville comments by the president. Well, it should alarm everybody. George, everybody in this conversation today, most of the people at the studio today and almost everybody on the other side of this camera is a son or daughter of an immigrant. I'm the great great grandsov of Patrick dowd, an immigrant who came here with no money who same words were used about his country and uses about Latinos, Asians, the same thing. This is a pointed remark and the only thing I can think of, only one other guy like Donald Trump who came from queens and it's Archie bunker and the only difference between the two of them is Donald Trump is president, has more money, but probably less class than Archie bunker. Jon Karl, meantime, at this moment there are some in the white house, they haven't denied that the president used the word and some even arguing that this may help him. Yeah, privately absolutely no denial whatsoever that the president said exactly this and I got to tell you, George, it's striking, a lack of concern by those that we have spoken to at the white house about this. They think it's just much ado about nothing and this is the way Normal people talk. It's just he's not politically correct. Obviously that's not the reaction you're seeing in the real world. Of course, Cecilia, this is not the first time we've heard comments like 24 from the president. Reporter: No, day one, Mexicans are rapists, among the staunchest supporters of the idea that president Obama was not born in this country. The list goes on and on. Poke honor that, my African-American, he has called himself 9 least racist person but John hits the nail on the head. This was had behind closed doors and a lot would be embarrassed if something like this came out for the world to see for the most part here, the sores we're all talking to seem completely unfazed and perhaps are a little happy that the media, they would say, is hypervent lating over a controversy like this one. Matt, unlike with charlottesville, it appears we are not not likely to get a clarification. Where does it go next? Well, that's a good question. I mean as I have a said before, George, Donald Trump is like wile E. Coyote. Every time you think he'll have success he blows himself up. I would suggest to him the next time he goes back to New York, he take the boat ride over to the statue of liberty and read the words which says give me your tired, your poor, your husbandled masses of your teeming shore. Donald Trump ought to read those words and take them to heart. On another subject the president masing a lot of news late night tweet saying he's canceled his trip to great Britain. Reporter: Yeah, he was supposed to be going next month. This is extraordinary. He's saying he's not going because he is upset that the new U.S. Embassy in London was too expensive. More than a billion dollars and that the United States did not get enough money selling the old one. So he said he was being invited to cut the ribbon and he will not do that. Okay, Jon Karl. Thanks very much. Thanks, Cecilia and Matt.

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{"id":52302621,"title":"Trump's comments on immigrants create firestorm","duration":"4:15","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega, Jon Karl and chief political analyst Matthew Dowd analyze the political fallout from Trump's reported comments in reaction to a proposed bipartisan immigration plan.","url":"/GMA/video/trumps-comments-immigrants-create-firestorm-52302621","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}