Will Trump's wiretapping claims be politically damaging?

ABC News political analyst Kristen Soltis-Anderson breaks down the president's week.
3:16 | 03/18/17

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Transcript for Will Trump's wiretapping claims be politically damaging?
Let's bring in ABC news political analyst Chris insults as Anderson who sometimes go KSA. I can't say is in life I am she the Trisha loves it when it all right there's a lot of us did TSA. And how well. So. There's a let's talk about these wiretapping claims the president Trout. Refuses to relinquish it is this politically damaging for him or is there may be an upside and that we're not talking and is much about the investigation into his team's ties to Russia. Well it certainly complicates and muddies the waters around the investigation into Russia. Earlier this week there was a press conference where. The house committee that is investigating the many of the claims about Russian meddling in the election they were asked almost exclusively about this wiretapping claim. And so it's really muddied the water about what the investigation. Into. Though rushing incident is all about. Now the downside for trump is that hey this is embarrassing and he it's continuing to keep the focus on. Up a kind of a bad moment in foreign policy and foreign affairs is the area when you ask voters. How do you think president trump is doing is among the the worst for him people like the way he's handling the economy the fatal police handling foreign affairs so this can't be helping those. Ers seems to be lost in translation okay we were just talking about the health care bout with David Wright is expected did respect to devote on and on Thursday. President trump getting a little more conservatives for the support we've learned after making two amendments. Which affect Medicaid but is beckoning him any closer to the votes that he needs to get this pat. We'll having Donald Trump out there saying I think yesterday that he's a 100%. Behind this bill is great news for congressional leaders who want to see this bill passed. Because Donald Trump is extremely popular in many of the districts that these most conservative members come from. This freedom caucus group they're the ones that are almost always making trouble for congressional leaders. If they are on the wrong side of Saint Paul Ryan that's one thing they can weather that in their district if they're on the wrong side of Donald Trump that's a very different story. But there's also the question of the moderates like you mentioned you've got a handful of Republican governors in some of these midwest states states that helped Donald Trump when the presidency. To a come out with a lot of skepticism and opposition to the wave that they'll handle things like the Medicaid expansion. So it's unclear if this balancing act is gonna work with getting just enough conservative and just enough moderate votes to get it through. And very quickly the president is also dealing with some push back within his own party over his proposed budget which some critics say could hurt many it is and people actually voted for Donald Trump. What's the state of play there. We'll president's put forward budgets but it's congress that actually holds the purse strings and Donald Trump is nothing if not a negotiator so I would assume this is a sort of up first opening offer. On that this is a budget that cuts an awful lot of programs that are pretty popular. In so this is nice suspect something where there'll be a lot of back and forth helped take this to the hill. And then congress will go from they are deciding what they can and can't stick with when they look at the politics of what people back home in their districts really want. Christians hold to Sanderson great to have you on a Saturday morning really accredited and I'll tell all star com can listen to a recent idea I think you know Chris and that that the Genesis of that was with this guy right here yes I do away. For DH and Kristen.

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{"id":46221902,"title":"Will Trump's wiretapping claims be politically damaging?","duration":"3:16","description":"ABC News political analyst Kristen Soltis-Anderson breaks down the president's week.","url":"/GMA/video/trumps-wiretapping-claims-politically-damaging-46221902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}