Turbo Tax Data Breach: Scammers Filing Fake Returns

The FBI is investigating how fraudsters got Social Security numbers to file bogus state returns.
1:48 | 02/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turbo Tax Data Breach: Scammers Filing Fake Returns
Hey, we're back now at 7:42. Stark new warning for millions of Americans. Someone pay have filed in your name with your social security number taking your refund by using popular tax return software. ABC's gio Benitez has the story. Reporter: Turbotax, the do it yourself tax sft ware and website used by 29 million Americans last year now being targeted by scammers filing thousands of fake returns with other people's info to steal their refund. These scams can be very common around tax season because that's a loot of money out there that scammers can get. Reporter: This morning, the FBI is launching an investigation into how fraudsters got social security Numbers to file bogus state returns including through turbotax, which temporarily suspended state filings last week after discovering the problem. But parent company intuit also warning of phishing scams asking for users to confirm their date father. Once they have that information they can then prepare a false tax return and they will designate where it's sent and believe it it will not be to your bank account. Reporter: They are reportedly happening across 19 states right now. In Alabama alone, 16,000 suspicious filings. Minnesota halting its processing of turbotax state filings for 48 hours after a spike in victims there. Julie hoy was one of them going to file her return finding out someone had. It's a huge inconvenience especially if you're expecting a refund. Reporter: Intuit telling ABC news they place the highest importance on respecting and protecting our customers' data regularly alerting customers of fraud alert and phishing scams." So stay alert. Gio Benitez, ABC news, New York.

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{"id":28914332,"title":"Turbo Tax Data Breach: Scammers Filing Fake Returns","duration":"1:48","description":"The FBI is investigating how fraudsters got Social Security numbers to file bogus state returns.","url":"/GMA/video/turbo-tax-data-breach-scammers-filing-fake-returns-28914332","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}