Former TV Moms Face Off in 'GMA' Trivia Showdown

Meredith Baxter of "Family Ties" and Jo Marie Payton of "Family Matters" compete with real moms in a live trivia showdown.
4:42 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for Former TV Moms Face Off in 'GMA' Trivia Showdown
This morning, we have selected four moms from our audience to play who's that mom? We're shaking it up a bit. We're bringing in a cup of famous TV moms. Here they are. Meredith Baxter played Mrs. Keaton on "Family ties." And you know Jo Marie Payton as Harriet Winslow on "Family matters." High five to all moms. High five. High five. How are you guys? Mwah? I grew up watching you. I have to ask you, what is going on? You're working on another show right now, yes? I'm on a series called finding Carter. It's on mtv. We finished up our second year. Looking forward to a third. And how about you? I'm happy to say I'm working on "Man and wife" with the fabulous David and Tamala Mann. I play the fabulous frapdmother. And "Jeri kr rks ho." We have something to laugh about outside the tragedy. Shall we get to it? Yes, we have divided you into teams. Team Baxter and team Payton. You ready to go? Absolutely . You have to buzz in with the TV mom's name. This lovely lady was bringing up three very lovely girls. Buzz in. Carol Brady. I don't know anything. Teach Baxter. Let's do. This quintessential TV mom from the '50s would never be seen without her pearls. June cleaver. You got it. How do you know this? This next question is a visual one. Take a look at a blurred image of a famous TV mom. As she starts coming into focus, buzz in if you can guess who she is. Right there. Oh, come on. Bewitched. What's her name? No, no. Team Baxter, you have chance? March Simpson. That's it. Okay. This is -- Like the loch Ness monster. We're not going to play you this song. The theme song there this TV mom's show should cop to you in a snap? Bewitched. No. Addams family. Addams family. What was her name? Morticia. Nice job. This modern TV mom's favorite holiday is Halloween. No one does it like she can? Bewiched. Nice guess. The clue is modern TV mom. Oh. Modern. Halloween? Modern. Modern family? Yeah. Okay. Pass. Claire Dunphy. I dare say, you have answered bewitched for seven questions now. One will be correct. She was one of the first TV moms to work outside the home. As a lawyer, she danced circles around her doctor husband. Claire huxtabl. Yes, she did. And finally, last one. This TV mom's husband liked to tool around. Oh, what's her name? Say it. Bewitched. , No, no, no. Tim Allen's wife. Jill. Home improvement. Jill, Jill, Jill! You got it. The buzzer doesn't work. Ours doesn't work. We can tally up the totals. But I believe the winner is team Payton. ? Come on. Here is a trophy. You know what, in our game show, everyone is a winner. We're giving you gift certificates. This is for a free massage. Or facial. Courtesy of our friends, hand and stone. For every mom here with us this

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{"id":30839908,"title":"Former TV Moms Face Off in 'GMA' Trivia Showdown","duration":"4:42","description":"Meredith Baxter of \"Family Ties\" and Jo Marie Payton of \"Family Matters\" compete with real moms in a live trivia showdown.","url":"/GMA/video/tv-moms-face-off-gma-trivia-showdown-30839908","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}