Twins taking the Special Olympics World Winter Games by storm

Sharita Taylor is competing for the U.S. in figure skating and her twin sister Shaye will be in Austria to cheer her on.
4:24 | 03/18/17

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Transcript for Twins taking the Special Olympics World Winter Games by storm
And Austria today the hills are alive when the Special Olympics. The world winter games. And Robin there rock then that's welcome today's show we know there are nearly 2700 athletes from around the world that are going to be camped inspirational stories about me you found. One remarkable story until he asked. I do what the Special Olympics world litigate its kick off later today many people in the US and around the world we'll have our eyes on the athletes. I have one right here sure Rita Taylor is competing for the US and figure skating her twin sister Shea. Is cheering her on along with her wonderful family they. They went as they wanna give a shout out to leave in the from the proud city it only Ohio yeah. About the gay latter day on ABC. Excited and proud of you can you believe it's finally here you're here on the world's they. I I I still can't believe that idea. It seems like only yesterday that I found out that I was picked to be on the world games team and it's it's a whirlwind. Roller coaster ad that adventures send good. Amanda and adventure different emotions I gotta say Serena. Pure joy would we see you out on the ice yer face just lights up what is it about figure skating. Com it's very moment when you step on the ice and when they step out on the ice I feel like I'm flying. I feel like S wine and it you know. Whenever I do all those jumps and spins and like a sore but we hear you going to be Peter Pan out there yeah doesn't come true. Sharing. I. Mario. It's no longer grant because you know it's your worst figure skater as well how nerve racking it can be are you nervous when you're watching her sister. No actually am excited for her I'm really proud ever had and that can't wait to cheer her on you know. That I W going to be chair there with your brother your mother father who are here as well I don't read the tweet that you sent out street could not Polyone. This is really lovely you said. I have autism no judgments please slap and happiness Special Olympics USA figure skater. Way to Austria pinch me please cheer USA and you are here saved to people who have different challenges. In their life to do what you do to rise above it'd just march on. You know luck. It's not all of those snow have difficulties in life just know that you can do it yet now. You know I am Elian in light I was sent dad that doctors didn't think that I would be able to talk normally. Neither did they think the same way at my sister but look at Nasional. Where Special Olympics athletes we graduated in 2009. From high school. Toll mainstreamed. And we Adam. Where he. You're here and it's awesome now whose leaders of this arena. I'm not not really scared and the way. But I guess every mission Syrian and I mean after. There we go ahead shout out to LeBron James Wright who is playing a little bit later that day you want to make sure that he knows that your from Cleveland to when you go to bring home some gold. Yeah look I hope you're watching miss. Then add huge major fan since that we won the championship and I'm really won the championship let him. Yeah I'm happy instead and I can't wait to neo. All right what's your read shape think he's so much very proud of value represented. USA and so very happy where you both at your parents as well thank you very much see. Coming back this thing here and mania was allegedly admission your route and we don't blame you I Levitt talk Reno please that we are pulling for I know she said. A little while ago she's and I don't want people to look at my disability I want them to look at my abilities that we are our priority. And and and one for the good showing you some love back and I am not thanks Robin and we hope to see this week if you decide comeback rabbit. All right houses and don't miss the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics world winter games 2 PM eastern right here on ABC.

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{"id":46222149,"title":"Twins taking the Special Olympics World Winter Games by storm","duration":"4:24","description":"Sharita Taylor is competing for the U.S. in figure skating and her twin sister Shaye will be in Austria to cheer her on.","url":"/GMA/video/twins-taking-special-olympics-world-winter-games-storm-46222149","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}