Twitter's CFO Apparently Tweets Plans by Accident

Anthony Noto tweeted, "I still think we should buy them... i have a plan," to his 8,000 followers.
2:39 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for Twitter's CFO Apparently Tweets Plans by Accident
? it started with a whisper ? Like we needed more evidence that mastering social media could be hard. So many people shared messages or pictures that they only meant for one person to see. Not even that. He's right about that, George. It's known as an epic fail. But now someone who you think would know better has made that mistake. T.j. Holmes, of course, in the social square with this one for us. Robin, this is one of the top executives at Twitter. And he can't even figure out how to use Twitter correctly. Get back into employee orientation before he gives away all the secrets in 140 characters. You're on Twitter, one set of eyes, hit tweet, and epic fail. I'm announcing my resignation from congress. Reporter: The reigning king, Anthony Weiner, the married former congressmen who tweeted a nude photo of himself to 43,000 followers. And there's the terrible tweeter. It's the chief financial officer, Anthony Noto, tweeting about acquiring another company to 8,000 followers. I still think we should buy them, we have a plan. It's unclear who he was trying to send a nemessage to, that would be big news for a publicly-traded company. It's the first ever mergers and acquisitions direct message fail. Remember when Charlie sheen lost out to technology? Instead of sending his cell phone number to his bro, Justin beiber, tweeting it out to his then 5.5 million followers. Or the American red cross tweeting about getting slizzard. This morning he's not commenting and deleted it. He's been on Twitter for five years and hasn't sent a lot of tweets. He's not adept. Cut him some slack. Are there epic fails you want to tell us about? Not that I want to share about you. Ali tweeted out our address once. Epic fail indeed. How about you? I once sent something out, and had to apologize to Miley Cyrus. Le leave it that that the. That story is better. Much better. Thanks very much. Have a great Thanksgiving. Coming up, our epic "Dancing with the stars" after party. The dancers are here, they're not halls, they're dancing. Party on. ? way delicious Butterball Turkey from Walmart. And I'll show you the best way to nap. Roast it upside down for the first hour... Lay like this for the first hour... ...Then flip it... Ditto! ...For the juiciest Turkey yet. Walmart has everything you need, for your Thanksgiving meal, at unbeatable prices. Day. Hellmann's and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy Turkey casserole. Real delicious Hellmann's. Bring out the Hellmann's. Bring out the best. Eggnog? Toasty or frosty? Exactly the way you want it ... Until boom, it's bedtime! Your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. Enter the Sleep Number bed. Don't miss the Ultimate Sleep Number Week going on now. He's the Softy. His Sleep Number setting is 35. You're the Rock, at 60. Silent night not so silent? Elk bellow Sleep Number's even got an adjustment for that. Give the gift of amazing sleep only at a Sleep Number store. This week only, save 50% on the Ultimate Limited Edition Bed. Know better sleep with Sleep Number. Jared, I'm known as The Perfectionist. I will help you create a one-of-a-kind ring that can only be described as... Perfect! Create your own, one-of-a-kind-ring at Jared this Friday through Monday and receive Get Set in Diamonds Rewards - up to a thousand dollars toward a beautiful setting when you buy your diamond at Jared. Choose from thousands of diamonds and hundreds of settings. And that's why he went to Jared... ...The Galleria of Jewelry. Hurts.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Anthony Noto tweeted, \"I still think we should buy them... i have a plan,\" to his 8,000 followers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27190957","title":"Twitter's CFO Apparently Tweets Plans by Accident ","url":"/GMA/video/twitters-cfo-apparently-tweets-plans-accident-27190957"}