Water Main Break Causes Flooding on UCLA Campus

Parts of the campus face extreme flooding after a water main breaks nearby.
2:04 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Water Main Break Causes Flooding on UCLA Campus
massive water main break at one of America's major universities sending millions of gallons of water pouring into the street and Cecilia Vega has the latest. Good morning, Cecilia. Reporter: George, good morning to you. Boy, just a few hours ago this campus was a virtual lake. I want to show you what it looks like right now. Take a look, a pile, a mound of wet carpets out here right over here, wet towels that are scattered all over this campus. Inside this recently rebuilt athletic center dryers, there is a big cleanup in store here. Overnight the streets of los Angeles transformed into a raging river. That sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger. Reporter: After a nearly century-old water main 30 inches in diameter burst Monday afternoon creating a 15-foot hole and senng up to 10 million gallons of water surging into a busy street and onto the ucla campus at a rate of 35,000 gallons per minute. We're at the steps in front of Pauley pavilion at the ucla campus. Reporter: All this at the height of a historic California drought. When you have this amount of water it's like a flash flood. You'd never know what's going to happen. Reporter: Take a look. Ucla's legendary basketball arena, recently renovated for $132 million, soon submerged. Really offsetting. I mean it's not nice to see it. Reporter: Water also rushing down stairs. Reporter: And trapping more than 100 cars in underground parking lots. Firefighters rescuing five people. Outside, the campus resembling a water park. Staircase becoming a wading pool. This woman towing another down the sidewalk. It took crews about four hours to stop this leak and as you can see this cleanup is really going to take some time out here. There are still students and faculty members whose cars at this hour are still submerged under water but, George, the good news out here, no injuries. Thank goodness for that but amazing how much damage one water main can cause.

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{"id":24769100,"title":"Water Main Break Causes Flooding on UCLA Campus","duration":"2:04","description":"Parts of the campus face extreme flooding after a water main breaks nearby.","url":"/GMA/video/ucla-water-main-break-campus-flooding-24769100","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}