Uma Thurman's Buzzy New Look Heats Up the Red Carpet

The star's makeup artist attributes the look to a bold new makeup technique.
3:41 | 02/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Uma Thurman's Buzzy New Look Heats Up the Red Carpet
index," uma Thurman's buzzy new look. The actress appeared on the red carpet looking noticeably different. A new makeup style. ABC's Linzie Janis has more. Reporter: She's known for kicking butt but this morning, uma Thurman is creating buzz. The superstar's latest look on the red carpet drawing lots of attention. Just look at the before and after. Uma Thurman recently stepped out with a much different makeup look than we're used to seeing on her and it kind of sparked this crazy speculation that she may have done something different to her face. Reporter: Social media erupting as people noticed what appeared to be tauter skin around Thurman and forehead and cheekbones conjuring up memories of Renee zellweger's transformation. She attributed the change to a healthier lifestyle. And it turns out Thurman's change of face may have been even easier to achieve. Her makeup artist telling "People" magazine the secret is a new trend calling effortless parisienne chic, a bold lip -- We rarely see celebrities step out without a full face of makeup including false eyelashes and eyeliner. So to see somebody do this, it's very unexpected. Reporter: So I decided to try out Parisian chic myself and met up with Alex Taylor from glam squad. Is this a trend? Absolutely. We're kind of over that smoky eye. Reporter: She says a lot goes into this simple look. Getting a nice tinted moisturizer and bronzer. Contouring, brows. Uma Thurman wasn't wearing mascara, eyeliner. Can't that make you look more tired. Done the right way I think it can also enhance your look. So you wouldn't recommend going as drastic as uma. No. All right. Joining us now celebrity make enough artist Mickey Williams with our artist Lindsay and re-created uma Thurman's new look and here's what Lindsey looked like before. Can we take a look and see? All right. Beautiful and Mickey, what have you done here? Well, it is skin care, everybody was saying that. There's such technology with skin care. You can use blur creeps and they sit on top of the skin and have consistency to them and erase fine lines and saying the taut forehead and will smooth out the pores which gives it that appearance and find a super, super light foundation. Now, foundation has grown up a lot much cushion foundations now. You want to find one that comes in a really, really wide range of color and then what you do with that, so, so thin I can even show you on your hand. It just melts into the skin. It does. So you're going to leave as much skin exposed as possible. Natural skin so then you're just really going to color correct with what's left. How does it feel? Really light. It's great. And then highlighter and contouring is not Kardashian anymore. Not as dramatic with the eyes, popping the lips. Using the same colors that you're using to contour and highlight around the eyes. So nothing really stands out so that contour color is only about a shade darker than your skin tone and you're going to use it on the crease of your eye too. We were just talking, Amy and ginger and I and Lara. Is this for everyone. It is for everyone. Everyone can wear it. Some people just have more of a preference. We're seeing a lot of nude lips but uma pulled off a bright lip and looked beautiful so that's where you want to play with your color. If you're someone who can't wear mascara, the trick with mascara, put it on the base and take it off the tips at the end. Good to see you again working back together in the day.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The star's makeup artist attributes the look to a bold new makeup technique. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28914857","title":"Uma Thurman's Buzzy New Look Heats Up the Red Carpet","url":"/GMA/video/uma-thurmans-buzzy-heats-red-carpet-28914857"}