Unruly JetBlue Passenger Screams at Family Members in Cellphone Video

New York to Las Vegas flight diverted "in an abundance of caution," says airline.
2:30 | 06/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unruly JetBlue Passenger Screams at Family Members in Cellphone Video
We want to turn to the mile high madness on board a flight from Las Vegas to New York. Diverted to Detroit. Linzie Janis has the very latest on what happened. Good morning to you, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, Rebecca. We're told that the passenger lost it, about 90 minutes into the flight, yelling at family members and at crew and scaring everyone onboard. Overnight, passengers are thankful to have escaped this horrific scene. An agitated man who onlookers woke up in the middle of the flight and lashed out. This man woke up out of nowhere. Reporter: Then lunging at the flight attendant trying to calm him down. Listen, again, you can hear the man's daughter pleading with him to stop. Dad, dad! Reporter: Passengers watching and listening, fearing for their safety. Everyone was freaking out. The flight attendants taking control. Handcuffing the man and then pinning him down to the seat. They were really good. Reporter: Jetblue said the captain diverted the plan to Detroit after an abundance of caution. All onboard were forced to leave the plane, while authorities removed the unruly passenger. After two hours, he was off the plane and they were back in the air to Las Vegas. It's nerve-wracking. Reporter: Reported incidents of unruly behavior are up 57% worldwide since last year. This flight had police waiting for the passenger at the gate in Atlanta. This drunk air traveler was so violent, fellow passengers duct taped him to his seat. You don't know what's behind it. Now, it's not known what caused this man on that flight to freak out. But we were told that the Detroit authorities took him to a local hospital, but this problem is becoming so big that airlines are considering charging unruly passengers up to $200,000 for diverted flights. Dan? Makes sense on a lot of levels You're about to see a

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{"id":24144821,"title":"Unruly JetBlue Passenger Screams at Family Members in Cellphone Video","duration":"2:30","description":"New York to Las Vegas flight diverted \"in an abundance of caution,\" says airline.","url":"/GMA/video/unruly-jetblue-passenger-screams-family-members-cellphone-video-24144821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}