U.S. Deploys Stealth Bombers Amid Tension in Korea

The military shows that it is taking new threats from Kim Jong Un seriously.
1:37 | 03/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Deploys Stealth Bombers Amid Tension in Korea
okay, bazi, thanks very much. To josh elliott and the morning's other stories. Tense situation in north korea. A show of force now from the u.S. Military in response one day after north korea warned that war is possible at any moment. The u.S. Has taken action proving it is taking these new threats from kim jong-un's government seriously and jim avila has been watching it all night long. Good morning to you, jim. Reporter: Good morning, josh. Certainly the united states sending a stern message using its military overnight. The united states sent two b-2 stealth bombers in a nonstop flight 6500 miles round trip over t pacific to drop dummy ammunitions over south korean military range. The united states saying "it's providing extended deterrents to our allies in the asia-pacific region" letting them know they can do exactly that, send a bomber all that way across the ocean all the way over to north korea. Now, this, of course, is in response to north korean increased tensions where they've been saying recently as late as yesterday that they're going to wage war against south korea and the united states. Now, perhaps ratcheting that tension down just a bit is a picture that's been viral all over the computers in this country and that's this picture showing north korean military leaders looking at a computer that looks pretty antiquated and people have been laughing about that but the united states is not laughing. And, in fact, the white house said their bellicose rhetoric follow a pattern designed to raise tension and intimidate others so things pretty hot between north korea and the united states. We'll certainly keep an eye on it.

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{"id":18828987,"title":"U.S. Deploys Stealth Bombers Amid Tension in Korea","duration":"1:37","description":"The military shows that it is taking new threats from Kim Jong Un seriously.","url":"/GMA/video/us-deploys-nuclear-capable-stealth-bombers-amid-north-18828987","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}