Millions in Path of Potentially Violent Storms

More storms are expected after an outbreak of tornados in the plains states.
2:33 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Millions in Path of Potentially Violent Storms
outbreak overnight. Diss roaring through the plains states and millions in the path of more potentially violent storms ahead. Abc's ginger zee is in moore, oklahoma, this morning and has the latest for us. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Robin, it is still such a raw scene here in moore, oklahoma. This is the damage from last week, but here's what we're concerned about. When we have wind gusts like we did yesterday from 50 to close to 80 miles per hour in this part of oklahoma, pieces of metal and shredded wood like this can become projectiles especially on days like today when the severe weather threat is not yet over. Reporter: This morning that all too familiar sound and a fresh image of a new crop of wicked weather tearing across america's heartland. Overnight, at least 348 severe weather reports with 24 tornadoes reported in 6 states. In york, nebraska, a tornado crossed right over this highway. Whitney holp stein capturing that same tornado while at a gas station. You can hear the warning sirens blaring. and this twister in clay county, nebraska, coming dangerously close to a highway. One storm chaser riding right up alongside it. In lotten, oklahoma, nearly 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts snapped this power pole sending it straight into this home. Dark storm clouds blanketing nearby oklahoma city and listen to this, three-inch-thick hail pounding this county overnight. Pounding rains smothering tulsa, oklahoma. At the rangers and diamondbacks game in arlington, the game was postponed and strong winds made it difficult for the crew as they struggled to cover the field. Storms tracking across the northeast too, winds and rain so severe drivers had to pull over and wait out the storm in troy, new york. And just look at the torrential rain in syracuse, dark storm clouds captured by this rooftop camera. And look at the cover of "the oklahoman." Eyes on the heartland. Exactly what we will have today because there is a tornado risk. It does include this city and many others around it. I want to show you here from the southern parts of oklahoma and north texas all the way up there in that yellow area, so from lawton and tulsa, highest elevated tornado risk. Severe weather could happen anywhere from southern minnesota down to texas, big area that could see damaging hail, wind and an isolated tornado.

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{"id":19286091,"title":"Millions in Path of Potentially Violent Storms","duration":"2:33","description":"More storms are expected after an outbreak of tornados in the plains states.","url":"/GMA/video/us-severe-weather-2013-millions-path-potentially-violent-19286091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}