US Veteran Reunites With the Soldier That Saved His Life

Elite Delta Force Sergeants Sean Clifton and Mark Wanner share their story of courage and friendship.
4:39 | 11/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Veteran Reunites With the Soldier That Saved His Life
And on this veterans day, I wanted to share a story with you that is extremely close to my heart. I first met Sean Clifton and mark Walton, two elite delta forces three years ago in a car on the way to Walter reed medical center. Their story is incredible. I hope their story of courage and friendship will touch you as much as it touched me. Two American heros. Their friendship born on the battle field. For army sarjts mark Warner and Sean Clifton, this is a reunion that almost didn't happen. I met with them just steps from the 9/11 memorial to honor the ones they were fighting for when their lives were changed forever. The special forces unit brought you two together. That's how you met. Was it an immediate friendship? We were on the same specialty cell within our team. Just worked out perfectly. Worked together, trained together. And just come -- you know what the next person's doing. The elite green berets protecting the most dangerous corners in the world. On may 31st, 2009, it was one mission that challenged their faith and sealed their bond. Where were you on that day? We were in southeast Afghanistan. Gazni province. Interrogated a Taliban commander. Knew that he was there that day. And we rolled out. And we ran into a hornet's nest, really. Around the corner. That's when Sean kicked the door. And the guy point blank just took his ak and shot right up Sean. He was hit. I saw his eyes, they were just big. Help, I nee help. And he collapsed down. Reporter: Sean, gravely wounded, visions of his wife and sons flashing before him. I'm just thinking. Lord, let this be a dream. Please, lord, let this be a dream. Visions of the boys and trying to fight back to get back home to them and to my wife, to my family. Reporter: Bleeding out, Sean approaches his final breath. That's when mark, a medic, taking charge. Diving through bullets to treat Sean's wounds. Convincing a medevac pilot to defy orders and land in the fire fight. Mark's my hero, as well as the guys on the team. There was a higher power that day looking out for us. As much fire power on the battle field that day. And the wounds that Sean had. Reporter: The mission over, Sean's personal battle just begin. Over 20 surgeries in five months. His room at Walter reed medical center, the new fox hole nnchs our minds, we're these big, bad green ber rays. To the point where I can't sit up under my own power, that was a humbling experience. Reporter: From mark's courage and action, to Sean finding his strength. Ending at a marathon finish line. I took the next nine months plus and went from kicking the walker away, dropping the cane, walking and jogging. And then October 2010 I finished that marathon. That was a big deal. Never quit. An old saying from day one selection. Never quit. These guys risked their lives. The best thing I can do is get back up on my feet. And that's my thank you back to them. Reporter: And so on this veterans day, we salute Sean and mark. Brothers in battle. Who like all our veterans have taught us so much about what friendship and courage and resilience really mean. What an incredible story. I met these guys. Never forgot the story. Happy to be able to do the piece three years later. Mark earned a silver star, and Sean earned a purple heart and a bronze star. And shoutout to my friend who sent these guys out for a much-deserved dinner in New York City. What a way to honor veterans day. You see the humility. People who have done extraordinary things. They don't want the recognition. We honor them and recognize them today and every day. Yes, that is the truth. Makes you realize what they do for us. Very humbling. Thanks for bringing that to us. Everybody, leave your message of thanks #honoravet. And we're going to show some of those when we get a minute. Great to hear your stories.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Elite Delta Force Sergeants Sean Clifton and Mark Wanner share their story of courage and friendship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26830281","title":"US Veteran Reunites With the Soldier That Saved His Life","url":"/GMA/video/us-veteran-reunites-soldier-saved-life-26830281"}