US Virgin Islands try to rebuild after Maria, Irma

Stars including Kenny Chesney and Tim Duncan have joined charities and local efforts in trying to help the islands rebuild from the devastating hurricanes.
6:40 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for US Virgin Islands try to rebuild after Maria, Irma
Tackle the road recovery special let's go back to Robin in Puerto Rico have Robin. Georgia near the world took the picture that has since it was started by chef but they on defense. And it's making such a difference in these communities that were hit so hard. By the hurricanes keep in mind of Puerto Rico there are still over 2000 people in more than fifty shelters. The storms came with a 12 punch in the US Virgin Islands to hurricane five monster storm. If so whatever her I didn't destroyed Maria did fourteen days later wipe out those. Beautiful tiny islands so dependent on terrorism. Hospitals home hotel destroyed the food supply rely so heavily on neighboring Puerto Rico which. The fight sports clothes during hurricane Maria looks like the perfect storm. And this morning so many of the large resorts in the Virgin Islands are still closed the residents wondering if they will ever be able look. Go back to work and the islands expect to receive eighty million in emergency loans as the relief. Begin to trickle and I found my visit there over the weekend that the people there. Have an incredible strength. And determination. For four terrifying weeks the Gulf Coast in the Caribbean islands were under siege. Pummeled by hurricane Harvey. Burma and Maria. The first time on record to three category four hurricanes made landfall in the US during the same season. And though the storms have passed hundreds of thousands are still reeling in the aftermath. Like here in the US Virgin Islands one of the hardest hit areas that many believe has gone unnoticed 80%. Still without power. What you needed another reminder of the power of the storm. We look at this. Apartment complex. Both sides. Of the walls. Completely blown out. People lost their lives here for the once idyllic islands and hurricane Maria drowned what hurricane Irma didn't already destroyed. Wow dressing mark after. And you got hit by we talked a lot of people it love their home loss this car lost the job. But you know we got a life Ian C Daniels home was destroyed at the hurricane Irma and Maria. This is your home this is that. Was this the kitchen floor of the kitchen now it's more of a machines. He says he's surprised some of this home is still standing. You could just hear everything crumbling around us that this was. Scary so you rode out the storm yes murder of the storm bath is. And this because you have a five month old yet. Better than they could this. And though he seemingly lost everything he is says what he hasn't lost its a space it's all about restoring hope of making sure people. Who rooms that their hope that things are gonna get better. More guys. That's very he's currently working with Bloomberg philanthropy is rebuilding team on the island town of some of Michael Bloomberg an organization what they have done in the work your doing. Look and Michael Bloomberg and talks confidential photos of neighborhood have been. Instrumental in just picking up bullish on the cavs incredible humility I mean it's. Great organization. But there's a long ago. Proud saint Croix native and five time NBA champion Tim Duncan. And country singer Kenny Chesney are also just a few of the many on the mainland working to bring relief efforts to the islands. You know used to have long road ahead of you are absolutely. Tonight we'll. We know that he loves take a startling appreciate. Yeah oh yeah. Things could always be works. One of the most dire needs electricity. Most family still have none. Are you expect to have full. Howard restored. We've got no but this week without last 200 batch of linemen in we have got they'll 760. Plus lineman in the territory. And our plan is to be at 90%. Energized by Christmas. Across the Virgin Islands hundreds of wind and from all over the US are working hard to restore power to the masses. Governor Matt telling us he will be requesting seven and a half billion dollars for the island's when he visits Washington on Tuesday to help with rebuilding. We don't want it rushed to re bill and then placing our plaza got it done what we want to do is to do it Smart. Do it Harden it and do it so that it can withstand the next home. People from all walks of life every economic level of every race color creed even coming and working together there are a lot of neighbors in need. We're we've been given the opportunity to be a blessing for them. And local groups like the saint Thomas reformed church and the nonprofit charity of my Brothers workshop have been helping thousands on the island without food or place to live. And as the eyelids slowly begin to rebuild what we see the strength of those who weathered the storm like mother of ten mrs. Phillips. Are you know. What all heard so much about him as one of the only families in the neighborhood with a working generator in the days following hurricane Irma and Maria. She and her beautiful family began cooking meals for those in need. I conference like I. Yet. So it's and that. Not too much extra. He's generally take him so it was not a necessity that you came up with this idea. And because we would undermine that things that never live with the family cooks about 250 meals per day. Most of the food donated from others across the island know what would blame you if you would sit well with me a lot like this terrible and just bury your head in the sand but you didn't. Well because that we leave de Paris here. And two I always. Love you new graduation. I gotta tell you their faith is so incredibly. Strong candidate have more on the Phillips van late. Coming up because at this. 701. Kid everybody. Didn't every did folks saw the crisis. Just like here in Puerto Rico bear in the Virgin Islands and are saying what can we do to help. What they are doing it helping thousands of families and counting ahead for the kitchen and I'll be back to you guys in New York ultimately. So inspirational to do you know they go out on that basis.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Stars including Kenny Chesney and Tim Duncan have joined charities and local efforts in trying to help the islands rebuild from the devastating hurricanes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51110578","title":"US Virgin Islands try to rebuild after Maria, Irma","url":"/GMA/video/us-virgin-islands-rebuild-maria-irma-51110578"}