Brutal Winter Storm Slams 20 States

An extreme storm stretching from Arizona to Illinois brings snow and ice.
3:03 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Brutal Winter Storm Slams 20 States
We're going to turn to the extreme winter weather raging across the country. A rm stretching from arizona all the way to illinois. Sam, of course, tracking it all. Sam, this one already deadly and posing so many different kinds of threats. George, it's had tornadoes, snow, blizzard-level snow, thunderstorms involved with this. Thundersnow, now showing up. If we watch this radar roll through the hour, we'll show you almost 3,000 lightning strikes from texas to oklahoma and wichita. This is a very powerful system. The warnings extend in 20 states. You go from the west, all the way, now, spreading east, to virginia and west virginia, right now. We've shown you there's some very heavy snow falling in wichita. But we're getting the kick in topeka, as well. Our ginger zee is there for a storm that will have everything. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Good morning, sam. We've got that full-on snow globe look here in topeka. And our friends in wichita already broke a century-old record, with more than a half a foot of snow just yesterday. And of course, it's still snowing and will all day today. Here in kansas, much of the state is getting pounded with heavy snow. At least one person was killed after sliding off the road. And look at that bus. It rolled over and off the road in russellville, arkansas, seriously injured the driver and three children inside. Overnight, cars were spinning out of control in denver. And hundreds of flights have already been canceled. The stranded on the highway stories are already trickling in, after some kansas highways were shut down. It's too icy. People are spinning off the road. Reporter: In phoenix, arizona, they saw more snow than they've had in the last 15 years. And about 100 miles away in tucson, the opening round of the match play championship was suspended, when the green turned white. Look at this time lapse video. That's in just two hours. I never actually played golf to the point where we've actually stopped for snow. Reporter: When we were flying in, there were deep cracks in the earth. And we saw that. That's the drought. So dry. So, every, single flake, very welcome in this part of the world. Sam? Yeah, ginger. It's going to be a rough day for them. We saw the same thing on twitter. It's so dry, people are glad to get anything they can. Ginger zee, in for a rough 24 hours in the middle of the country. Here's where the ice -- we'll break this up in chunks for you. In this area, little rock, to where the ice storm warnings are, through missouri. We've spread it to indianapolis, cincinnati and into western virginia, as well. Then, there's accumulating snow. This is a 6-inch to 12-inch snowfall in the places shaded in Some places will come up with 20 inches of snow. And the southern side has strong thunderstorms that will be rolling through ft. Worth, then dallas, then louisiana. Not only do they carry the powerful, strong winds. We may see one or two tornadoes come out of it. That is a violent map. Sam, thanks very much.

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{"id":18554997,"title":"Brutal Winter Storm Slams 20 States","duration":"3:03","description":"An extreme storm stretching from Arizona to Illinois brings snow and ice.","url":"/GMA/video/us-weather-report-brutal-winter-storm-slams-20-18554997","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}