Daredevil, 22, Killed in Utah Rope-Swing Accident

A young man died while trying to swing through the opening of a 130-foot-tall sandstone arch.
2:38 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daredevil, 22, Killed in Utah Rope-Swing Accident
To that jaw dropping video of a terrifying stunt it's called -- swinging. And it's an online sensation but a 22 year old daredevil. Was killed this weekend while trying to swing through the opening of a 130 foot tall sandstone arch in Utah and our John Mueller. Has the latest on this good morning to Arlington. The -- -- rope swing involves a hair raising 100 foot freefall followed by a two minute wild ride with the right precautions climbers tell us it's perfectly safe. But Sunday a simple miscalculation term -- It's a high speed rope swing you won't find at your back yard. Watching his jaw dropping video was these human pendulum is catapult off the 130 foot high colonial -- in Moab Utah. Coming dangerously close to the ground. Before ricocheting up another 100 feet screaming all the way down and back. This viral video has nearly twenty million. Views on YouTube and it's what's inspired 22 year old Kyle stocking to take that very plunged. But in a horrific turn of events stocking overestimated his -- length and is ill fated jump. Set him straight to his death. He's got all the -- because Austin -- is one of the ropes wingers in this video he and his friends are avid climbers and the founders of this dangerous daredevil stunt. They said it -- tested it with. Big backpack full of rocks and then we went back multiple times to to do it again. Baird wasn't there when -- made his fatal jump but says he's well aware this leap of faith comes with several calculated risks. There are risks and that run the gamut from friction on the rope. To making sure -- rope isn't too long your angle of swings properly calculated the maker of the video we've been warns of the jumpers in this behind the scenes clip it's not worth losing a life try to do something like this. -- make -- guys -- you do despite stockings death. Baird says he refuses to give up this adrenaline rush. I know that every time my client nine of every time my friends -- that we run a risk but I sit in front of the computer -- eight hours today. I need this. But this morning stockings family hopes -- loss shows others the grave dangers of the swing telling ABC news it was a terrible accident that could have been avoided. We hope there will be no more parents experiencing what we are going through. Now this video posted to YouTube over a year and a half ago was received its share a backlash many saying the stock should be regulated or outlawed but Alston Baird says he and his friends. Take full responsibility for their actions and the consequences. However extreme those are guys and they certainly -- --

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{"id":18821175,"title":"Daredevil, 22, Killed in Utah Rope-Swing Accident","duration":"2:38","description":"A young man died while trying to swing through the opening of a 130-foot-tall sandstone arch.","url":"/GMA/video/utah-daredevil-22-killed-copy-worlds-largest-rope-18821175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}