Jury's Out: Has Valentine's Day Gifting Gone Too Far?

Dan Abrams shares his take on the big Valentine's stories.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for Jury's Out: Has Valentine's Day Gifting Gone Too Far?
Dan Abrams is back as promised. You've changed your tie. I'm the wacky nutty guy that changed his tie into a red one, why? We have a special Valentine's day edition of jury's out. That's why. I know. You are wild. First up, it is truly amazing how much we'll all spend today, the national retail federation reports that for men it's an average of $108.38 on gifts for significant others, about twice as much as women shell out, but many are also buying gifts for family members, friends, 20%, apparently getting something for colleagues. That's the average. 12% getting something for colleague, penal you work with. What did you spend your $108 on? Almost of course 20% buy something for our pets. The total estimated amount between $133 and $210 -- A lot more than I thought. -- Per person. This has gone crazy. A lot of math in "The jury's out." Facts and stats. This is ABC news, we know cuss on stats and facts. So your take is it's out of control. This is crazy. Right? It's a lot. My son says it's a made up holiday. He doesn't want to celebrate it. Is it? I'm overtly a scrooge. You all had a great conversation, josh had a great conversation sitting in on "The view." You were talking about it. Really sweet for kids. It's for kids. But Valentine's day for -- For kids? Yes. You remember getting a cute -- First of all, you have a kid, man. This is cold dead heart is going to have to thaw. I brought all of these for you guys. Yeah, yeah. Funny what 108 bucks buys. Yeah, exactly. I got my first Valentine's day card from Sarina and for the first time in a long time -- Isn't that for father's day? No, it's also nice to say love. Bah humbug. "Stop it Dan omg can we just enjoy Valentine's day. There are plenty of things you can do and you don't have to spend any money says bernadette. Amy Menard "Waste of money, rather someone show me their love throughout the year not on a hallmark holiday". Amen, Amy. And posted this on our "Gma" flash poll. What are people saying. 82% say Valentine's day gifting and spending has gone too far. Do something that doesn't cost money. Do an act of kindness. Maybe just -- A hug. A special hug. Ah. Thank you. Happy Valentine's day. A new bromance has blossomed. We also learned this week that cate Blanchett shares an e-mail account with her husband and says I can see what he's up to. It's not that I don't trust him adding she checks his messages because they work together and he hates e-mail. My take, that is a horrible, horrible idea. Are there no boundaries in any relationships? I don't understand it at all. Crazy, right? Everyone agrees? I don't think -- I'm sure it's an e-mail account that's given out to people like the cable company and -- There's no secrets. What's the big deal? You want to write to your friends saying my husband is really being annoying today? I don't write that. Really? Never. The other half is never annoying. You wouldn't share an e-mail account. I share one with you. Quickly we turn to the olympics for a story. Two star-crossed lovers. Hsu Shaw Ming carried to Kim Ji sung on their first Valentine's day together as a couple, the question is who do you root for now that their team is playing the Chinese? We're out of time. It's a hard one. Country or love? He's choosing country. I think he's knits. I think he's nuts too. We don't live in China. Hearts forever.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams shares his take on the big Valentine's stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22514350","title":"Jury's Out: Has Valentine's Day Gifting Gone Too Far?","url":"/GMA/video/valentines-day-edition-jurys-gma-22514350"}