Rapper-Turned-Home Renovator Vanilla Ice Shares DIY Tricks

The "Vanilla Ice Project" star Rob Van Winkle talks Feb. 18. arrest and the fourth season of his hit TV show.
4:36 | 02/27/15

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Transcript for Rapper-Turned-Home Renovator Vanilla Ice Shares DIY Tricks
our "Heat index" joined by rapper turned home renovator rob van winkle -- you may know him as vanilla ice but the star of "The vanilla ice project." He'll share three of his DIY tricks to upgrade ordinary items that don't break the bank. We want to get right to it. You were scheduled to be on the show a month ago and then you've been in the news on February 18th you were arrested. In connection with a burglary in a home next to one that you were renovating. What happened? It's just blown out of proportion. You know, that's all I can say about it right now. It's just a mess and I'm dealing with it. You're dealing with it. Yep. Where does it come from, though? I know you're renovating a house. This house is foreclosed upon next door. Exactly. And -- I'm purchasing -- I can't talk much about it but I'm dealing with it. Taking it head-on. Yeah, it's just blown out of proportion. Police have said you've been cooperative. Yeah. I wish I could elaborate. I, you know, I'm dealing with it. Okay. All right. Well, we respect that and we do want to turn to your show which actually you were taping at the time in this house called "The vanilla ice project." This is your fourth season. Fifth. Fifth. What can we expect for the new season. Doing an 8,000-square-foot house on the ocean and in palm beach and it's, you know, it was wrecked. We removed over 300 trees. It's just, you know, just neglected and now we're turning it from zero to hero. It's going to be gorgeous putting a jellyfish aquarium in here, infinity pool that just has a wet edge all the way around so the water is at the same level you walk on, observatory, glass atrium. Coffee bar and fitness room outside of the master bedroom. Infinity bathtubs into a rock basin and all kinds of cool -- That sounds incredibly high-end but your philosophy is one of affordability and have three of your projects. Should we walk over and check them out. Absolutely. Come over here. These spin and could fall so that's live TV. Do you want to do that for me. We'll go low with it. This is a mirror that you created using store bought molding. That's right. Like a plain old mirror you can get for next to nothing rat a hardware store and then simple molding. How did you put it together. Less than 50 bucks. Got molding here. You can get this at any dollar store, thrift store, whatever and you can decorate this with all kinds of bedazzled things. Just need a mitre saw to cut Tom of these corners, glue, little nail gun but have fun with it. A great project. A lot of people get intimidated because maybe they weren't the best in shop class, I'm speaking about myself. But these are not hard projects. This is very easy. I mean this will take you 30 minutes to do and another, you know, 30 minutes to paint it, but if you want to bedazzle it and put jewelry on it -- Keep it simple. This is fun too. Something that's very trendy right now, the idea of antique glass and one of these lamps is $250 and one of them you did for under $50. Tell us which one is the expensive sun. This is the expensive one at retail $250. This is looking glass and what you do is you'll tape the glass, it's just a regular piece of glass, you can spray vinegar and water in there and activates and you have looking glass paint and you spray it down in there and create this like age defect and bubbles in here and it activates with the vinegar, do it two or three times, off to the races, costs you $50 compared to 250. You bought a lamp and went to the hardware store or design store and bought this mirrored paint. Right. You mix it with vinegar and that reacts to create the antique finish. That's it. You spray -- it's actually quite easy. You sort of just do it until you find the mottled look you like. This one is lara-proof. Then finally, guy, only a couple of seconds. Ooh. Ow. I told you something would happen. This is a frame you find an old mirror and took the mirror out of it. Thrift store mirror and put plywood in it, painted it and turned it into a coffee table. Under $100. Make it rustic. You can even put chalkboard paint on it and have a great project with the kids. It's easy, the legs come from a local home imof proment store and off to the races. We want to thank you so much. Rob van winkle. "The vanilla ice project" airs on the DIY channel.

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{"id":29268833,"title":"Rapper-Turned-Home Renovator Vanilla Ice Shares DIY Tricks","duration":"4:36","description":"The \"Vanilla Ice Project\" star Rob Van Winkle talks Feb. 18. arrest and the fourth season of his hit TV show.","url":"/GMA/video/vanilla-ice-shares-diy-tricks-29268833","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}