Venus, Serena Williams to Face Off in Australian Open Final

Serena Williams, 35, and Venus Williams, 36, last competed against each other in a Grand Slam final at Wimbledon in 2009.
3:25 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Venus, Serena Williams to Face Off in Australian Open Final
And now to the sister showdown. Let's do it. Sisters are doing it for them. ISES. Venus and Serena Williams are hours away from facing off for the Australian open title match and Paula Faris is here with a closer look at what's on the line, good morning, Paula. Good morning. I heard you said let's do this. That's right. This was the first time the Williams sister was go head-to-head. Also at the aussie open back in 1998. Look how young they were. Venus 17, Serena just 16. Big sister won that day. Telling Serena afterwards, quote, I'm sorry I had to take you out. Venus Williams aced her way into tennis history. 11 aces now. Reporter: Defeating coco vandeweghe in a grueling three-set battle. To become the oldest Australian open finalist of all time. No need to contain the joy, Venus. She can't believe it. The only one who can steal her thunder down under is her little sister, Serena, who at age 35 cruised her way to the finals with a series of straight-set victories. She's my toughest opponent. No one has ever beaten me as much as Venus has. She's basically my world and my life. Reporter: Venus has been the comeback kid after being diagnosed with a career-threat career-threatening auto immune illness six years ago now ranked 17th in the world. Everybody has their moment in the sun. Maybe mine has gone on a while but I'd like to keep that going. I got nothing -- I got nothing else to do so -- Reporter: The sisters first went head-to-head at the Australian 19 years ago, Venus won that match but since then Serena has a 16-11 all-time advantage. The last time they took each other on in a grand slam final it was wimbledon in 2009. It is hers. Reporter: If Serena wins it will be her 23rd grand slam singles title, the most of any woman in the open era but can she pull out another victory over the sister she loves so much? I just feel like no matter what happens we've won because a Williams is going to win this tournament. Reporter: She is the oldest to compete at the aussie open final and has no plans of riding off into the sun set. At least not yet. She has her eyes set on playing in the 2020 olympics in Tokyo and would be almost 40 years old. Why not. Why not. Yeah, exactly. So old. We know what Venus is going to do. What is Serena's next move. Serena has a little bling on her finger. She announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis owe H Hannan and I love her ability to compartalize. How many brides are able to do that. Right into wedding planner but he's been so devoted right there in the stands cheering her on the whole time. Both Venus and Serena are in a really good place. Can you really tell that. They are and Venus gives kudos to her younger sister saying she has better taste in men. She says I got to give her credits. Opponents off the court too. Hey. And tell you what, you can see the Williams sisters face off -- you can either stay up late or get up early, 3:00 A.M. Eastern on ESPN. I'm going to be watching. You guys in? We're in. Stay up late. Party at robin's? That's it. You'll have to go to key west because that's where I'm heading. I'll bring popcorn.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Serena Williams, 35, and Venus Williams, 36, last competed against each other in a Grand Slam final at Wimbledon in 2009.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45084539","title":"Venus, Serena Williams to Face Off in Australian Open Final","url":"/GMA/video/venus-serena-williams-face-off-australian-open-final-45084539"}