Vera Wang Shocks Bridal Fashion Week With All-Pink Collection

The superstar designer is tossing out tradition with a new focus on color.
2:55 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Vera Wang Shocks Bridal Fashion Week With All-Pink Collection
And trend right now, vera wang, taking bridal fashion week by storm, with an all-pink selection. Several celebrities tying the knot in pink. I love that pink nail polish you're wearing right now, christina. Bianna golodryga has that story for us. Reporter: I got the pink memo this morning. Gone are the days when the only color options for brides-to-be were various shades of white. Pink may be the new white, thanks to one famous and influential designer. Here come the brides. All dressed in 50 shades of pink. Gwen stefani, anne hathaway, even jessica biel on the cover of "people." If you thought buying a wedding dress from costco is bold, how about walking down the aisle in a hot pink number? This morning, the queen of bridle couture, vera wang, trashing traditional for 2014. On her blog, the designer says, the fashion is all about color. It made me think about what i do in a freer, more creative, more inventive way. Reporter:2014 may be the best year to be married. Why? Vera wang says pink hue dresses flatter all skin types. When a bride is looking to be out there, this is a great trend. Reporter: Of course, I had to try the trend for myself. Ta-da. Dress number one. A 1,600 lace oleg cassini. There's a mixture of pink and white. I'd be okay with this. Next up at $599, a david's bridal whisper pink ball gown. Reporter: I never thought of pink as a color for a dress. Ta-da, dress number three. Also a whisper pink. I lover this one, too. I love them all. At just over $600, not a bad price point, either. Reporter: Last but not least, number four. The designer to the stars has us all thinking pink. Can I go breathe now? That one was tight dress. How committed so pink is vera wang. Pink has strong. She is dedicated. Okay. Makes me almost want to get married again. Almost. I loved your beautiful dress. There's something great about pink what it does to your skin. So, this is pink? It's a shade of pink. It's coral. I did not go -- this is not pink. This is dodger blue. It is. Thank you, bianna. Also, sizzling on our "heat index."

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{"id":20573729,"title":"Vera Wang Shocks Bridal Fashion Week With All-Pink Collection","duration":"2:55","description":"The superstar designer is tossing out tradition with a new focus on color.","url":"/GMA/video/vera-wang-shocks-bridal-fashion-week-pink-collection-20573729","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}