Veteran Gay Conservative Activist: 'No Hope For the Republican Party'

Jimmy LaSalvia explains his decision to leave the GOP to become an independent.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veteran Gay Conservative Activist: 'No Hope For the Republican Party'
Hello and welcome to top line on -- -- with Yahoo! News and I'm Rick Klein from ABC news and joining us today is gay conservative political activist Jimmy LaSalle -- Who recently -- to the Republican Party in dramatic fashion and has come forward as an independent chief -- welcome. Hi thanks for having me I understand that there was a conversation a phone conversation that may have been the straw that broke the camel's back -- your decision to leave the Republican Party is that is that right. Well I I don't know if that's the case or if it's just been a realization over the last couple of years. That there's no hope for the Republican Party no matter. How good your autopsy board changes that. -- change is that the Republican Party is implementing. Really amount to nothing more than lipstick on a peck. It was the Romney campaign. That really got me -- understand. Just how severe the problem yes. It's a culture of intolerance. That I just don't think any amount of messaging or policy changes can fix cultural changes take generations. And after the Romney campaign. I thought I don't know if they'll ever win a presidential election again -- of gay issues in particular just because of that in general. Being out of touch with life in America today I think the gay issue is one of the biggest examples. Jamie you -- -- of those still as a conservative absolutely -- -- by buying making these really sharp criticisms of the Republican Party in mid term election year and aren't you worried that. And an army of democratic strategist is just salivating they can't wait you may you may never be as quoted. As you as you will be issued by Democrats who want to make that exact point about the Republican Party. Well look the object of political parties is to win elections. And I've determined that the Republicans can never win a national election again. And so at that point what's the point. I'm not any different than most Americans the largest of the number of Americans -- Identify as independents 42% of Americans are independents because they don't feel like either party represents their values or principles. -- like everybody else and I think that that 42%. Of Americans who aren't represented by a party represent the new majority. Why would I continue Tenet said it home and banging my head against the wall only trying to help. And and continue to be met with a face palm keep -- distance we don't want crazy says to see -- talking to a gay guy. Okay. And curious about the time here because the country's flip flop -- gay marriage just in the last decade. And -- -- the party move a little bit not as quickly as Democrats don't. Don't -- Republicans will absolutely and we'll look that's what gave me hope for so long I still believe conservative. Values and policies are good for everybody including gay people including Muslims including. Immigrants everybody but there is a segment of the party. Who seems to be anti everybody who's not like them it doesn't matter how good your candidates are. Or your leadership frankly if you're being held back by this -- group -- have. Such fear that they might lose a small sliver. Of intolerant voters. That they're not willing to say that those people -- -- -- either modernize and get with the program. Or you can't come on our journey to help our country. And and honestly. So many of the changes that are being implemented are things that should have been done -- -- years ago. And I think it's just too late. So finally where do you go with -- what what is your hope to it to take your statement. And and try to. Incorporate the 42% as I mentioned we know that this is pretty stable two party system here people tried in many years -- to try to break through the third party or exactly zero. Successful attempts at that. I -- not exactly sure I wrote blog post announcing that I had. Become an independent and the amount of support and number of messages I've received has been overwhelming Republicans. Conservatives. Telling me your rights your absolutely right that's why. I've been a little bit surprised that there hasn't been a lot of backlash and there's been only a few people who have said -- is a -- no. We always knew he wasn't really part of the team and the reality is everyone knows I was the ultimate team player. And that's the question Republicans need to ask themselves. How bad must it be if we've even lost Jimmy thank you very much. Thanks -- That's all the time we have for top line you can watch -- all week at And news dot For Yahoo! News I'm Olivier -- you can follow me on Twitter at Knox and follow me on Twitter at Rick Klein follow our guest -- order act stimulus how the and -- sex.

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{"id":21629858,"title":"Veteran Gay Conservative Activist: 'No Hope For the Republican Party'","duration":"3:00","description":"Jimmy LaSalvia explains his decision to leave the GOP to become an independent.","url":"/GMA/video/veteran-gay-conservative-activist-hope-republican-party-21629858","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}