Models' Slim-Down Secrets

Victoria's Secret models share the boxing workout that keeps them in shape.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Models' Slim-Down Secrets
Thank you so much, sara. We're still a few days away from new year's eve. Never too early to jump-start the resolutions. If yours is to get into your best shape ever, rachel smith has some slimdown secrets, hint, hint, from models who know how to strut their stuff. Rachel? Health and fitness goals are a new year's resolution. I got in a little secret. Victoria's secret, you could say. And you may want to throw this into the ring. They are runway goddesses. But how do the victoria's secret angels get runway ready? Not yoga. Not spinning. Not even crossfit. Walk it out over top. Reporter: When it comes to this heavenly body, angel kelly gayle comes out swinging. Gayle says she noticed the routine called sleek-afy. When she spotted adriana lima in the ring. I wouldn't have done it without this guy. Reporter: Michael olajide jr. You start to punch. You get cardio with your upper body. You work the abs at the same time. You're twisting when you're throwing the punches. Reporter: Aside from the punches and modified squads, the winning fitness philosophy is simple. The jump rope is a tool that only little girls and fighters know about. Reporter: But its benefits pack a punch. Once the body gets familiar with the workout, you can burn at the minimum, 1,000 calories. Reporter: The roster is packed with angels and actors. But he says turning to the boxing ring can help anyone get into fighting shape. You're toning your core. You're getting the cardiovascular workout. Reporter: Once I get the moves down. Pick it up. And you're still punching. Full range of motion. Reporter: I start to feel the burn. This muscle already feels it. I feel it here. Exactly. Reporter: Watch out. Three, four, five. Good. Left upper cut. And the right shoulder back. Reporter: Maybe I'm not quite ready to go ten rounds. I need a break. But I can hold my own. And now, we know the secret some of the angels conquering the runway. The secret is fun. And it's challenging, as well. Let me show you one of the moves that we saw in the piece, with michael. This is one that he incorporated. It's in a boxing background. We're going to jab, jab, jab, hook, upper cut. And repeat it. Jab, jab, jab, hook, upper cut. The whole routine is 30 to 60 minutes long. I'm going to turn into an angel? Basically. Exactly. The reason is, you're doing this. It's a full-body workout. You're working everything from the shoulders. Keep going. Keep going. Josh can do this with us. Lara, there's a 30-minute version, lara. Just so you know. Thank you, josh. Back to you, josh. Thank you for the secrets of

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Victoria's Secret models share the boxing workout that keeps them in shape.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21346755","title":"Models' Slim-Down Secrets","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-models-boxing-workout-21346755"}