New video shows suspect in Tampa serial killings: Police

Tampa police released surveillance video taken just moments before Ronald Felton, 60, was killed as they search for a suspect in a string of murders in the same neighborhood.
5:31 | 11/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New video shows suspect in Tampa serial killings: Police
Now to Tampa and that search for a possible serial killer. Police releasing this new surveillance footage showing the person they're now calling a suspect in a string of unsolved murders. ABC's Victor Oquendo is there in Tampa where residents are once again on edge this morning. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, robin and those frightened residents are doing what they can to help police. Thousands of tips have been pouring in and also handing over any surveillance video they might have and police have released some of it in hopes that someone recognizes this super bowl. A look and releasing this moments before 64-year-old Ronald Felton was killed early Tuesday morning and believe it's the same person spotted on this surveillance video taken moments before the October 9th murder of Benjamin Mitchell and the same suspect also filmed running away from the crime scene moments later. Same gait, same walk. Maybe not the same jacket, definitely a hoodie. I don't believe in coincidence that the same person was around the same time that two people were murdered. This new video released as the FBI and police are going door to door in this Florida neighborhood on edge. FBI. Desperate to find the killer they believe might be linked to four separate murders in just five weeks. Authorities believe the suspect may be hiding out locally. Somebody who is familiar with the neighborhood who knows their way in and around. They're able to get away quickly. Reporter: Felton's murder comes after the murders of Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa and Anthony naiboa, all four crimes committed within a half mile of each other. Each victim was walking alone in the pitch dark of night. He was a good guy. He was a good guy. Reporter: Investigators hoping to end the killer's spree before he strikes again. Some serial killers have gone for decades before being caught. Btk killer Dennis raider killing ten victims over the course of years and the grim reaper killing ten women over two decades. I'm mad. This community is scared. Our cops for them, this is personal. Reporter: The reward is now up to $91,000. One resident told me that before this most recent murder on Tuesday, he thought this was over. That the killer was gone. Now they're left reliving this nightmare all over again, robin. Yes, they are, thank you. Joining us now retired chief inspector Lenny Depaul, he's here in the studio and ABC's Brad Garrett. Gentlemen, thank you again both for this. Lenny, this is big. This video. What do you see? The video speaks volumes. It's a huge piece of the puzzle for law enforcement in comparison to the October 9th video you had an individual walking down the middle of the street, it's 90 degrees. He has a coat on wearing a hood. He's captured in four separate video cameras that are streaming from homes. Shots are fired and he's seen running back through the same set of four videos. Fast forward Monday morning 4:51. Got the fourth vic on his way to church to feed the homeless gunned down in cold bloodshot in the back. They capture video a few seconds prior to that. Luckily they got a guy same -- wearing the same description, a coat on zipped up wearing a hood. Appears to be the same guy in the video but here's the home run. They have a key witness. They have an eyewitness to the shooting. That's one of the new very many, a key witness and for the first time calling this person in the video a suspect. Correct. He's elevated now from they wanted him to come in if you remember on October 9th they asked for him to come forward. Nobody shows up. It's been quiet for a month. The witness that you were talking about that's come forward. The witness, he hears four to five shots and comes running out sees the victim falls and identified a tall, thin black male, 6'to 6'2", skinny wearing all black, coat zipped up with a hood and a handgun so definitely the same guy in the video and now in comparison to the October 9th video appears to the same person. It does. Brad, what kind of psychological profile are investigators working up now? Okay, this is a kid that's going to be from the neighborhood. He either lives there or has a long history there. If you notice in all of the video, Lenny is referencing, he walks slowly many times like it's casual. He also is able to disappear into the community shortly after the shooting particularly after the last one which tells me@ he knows where to go hide, robin. And so the idea is you're going to have to focus on people he has touched in that community like social service, the juvenile justice system, et cetera, people who go in and around the community and probably have touched him in some form or fashion. Do you wonder the age of the suspect when you see that video? You know, it looks like a kid maybe in his teens or early 20s. It's really hard to say. But he's going to have a history someplace with social services, et cetera. And the key is, you're going to have to do these interviews in person. Somebody out there knows him and they just don't want to -- don't want to tell us but you get them in your face and maybe they will. What do you think, Lenny? It's scary. The residents are sleeping with one eye open scared to death. Domestic terrorism is what they try to do. Put the fear of god in somebody. What this person's M.O. Is anybody's guess. $91,000 reward and videos in play. Somebody has to know this kid. Hopefully they'll come forward for the right reasons, Lenny, Brad, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Tampa police released surveillance video taken just moments before Ronald Felton, 60, was killed as they search for a suspect in a string of murders in the same neighborhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51190862","title":"New video shows suspect in Tampa serial killings: Police","url":"/GMA/video/video-shows-suspect-tampa-serial-killings-51190862"}