'The View' Exit Rumors: Hasselbeck, Walters Not Leaving

The daytime talk show stomped out the rumors that the two are leaving.
2:27 | 03/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Exit Rumors: Hasselbeck, Walters Not Leaving
Yesterday all eyes were on "the view" on the heels of news that joy behar is leaving after 16 years. A lot of speculation that other changes might be afoot. But barbara walters stomped those rumors out as joy gave her reasons for saying good-bye as only joy could. Well, I have my joy top ten reasons for leaving "the view." Reporter: As joy comedically fired off her top ten reasons for leaving "the view." Number nine, the glare from bill geddie's head is giving me migraines. 8, I have a pathological fear of catching childhood diseases like mumps from barbara. Reporter: The hottest topic on "the view" monday was the show itself. Story after story about changes at "the view." Reporter: Barbara walters's "the view's" creator putting down rumors that elisabeth hasselbeck was leaving the show. We have no plans for elisabeth to leave the show. We value and appreciate her point of view. It's important to us because elisabeth helps give this show perspective and balance. Reporter: The 35-year-old who joined the cast in 2003 is known for her strong political views which have at times left her at odds with her co-hosts. Call me a coward. I do not hide. Reporter: And this morning with hassck's job secure speculation is now swirling about joy's replacement. The names we've heard is kirstie alley or brooke shields or ali wentworth. I don't like my job to last longer than my marriage. Reporter: There's definitely one view that isn't changing. The only person who cannot leave this show is me. That's right. And, wow. One of those names was vaguely familiar. Vaguely familiar. Ali wentworth. She is my choice. You just went out on a limb. Joy, come on, she has been so funny, she's going to be so missed. Hard to replace. Agreed. She's done a great job. You can see "the view," of course, weekdays at 11:00 eastern, 10:00 pacific and central. George, I loved your declaration. Anybody else feel free to weigh in.

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{"id":18708614,"title":"'The View' Exit Rumors: Hasselbeck, Walters Not Leaving","duration":"2:27","description":"The daytime talk show stomped out the rumors that the two are leaving.","url":"/GMA/video/view-exit-rumors-elisabeth-hasselbeck-barbara-walters-leaving-18708614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}