Viral Video Shows Cat Getting a Workout

Cat enjoys owners shaking workout machine.
2:50 | 06/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viral Video Shows Cat Getting a Workout
World Cup athletes aren't the only ones getting a workout today are adorable pet of the day despite -- try out. So worked up techniques this cat has a fascinating -- -- -- owners could you speak the word out. Is that she. The owner -- academy captivated by the machine and I wonder why whenever someone -- to -- -- but this time it's 81 and -- in -- Yeah. I did -- -- the. -- -- If you don't have helped Iran Dunleavy is how I'm not young like her dad is doing just guess that with a -- and -- laugh my mother back here -- Here yeah. Long to tell -- as well -- come. Here given that might give for the moment and I think probably so extra seconds -- she found out. She was pregnant with me she was pregnant but she didn't know here's the story you were somewhere -- -- one of -- shake weight things with me Croatia Italy has made other wildlife that Donna that's very good about. Right develop fundraising after it was called -- -- that was Jim get right on Imus yet he went around it was a bow and. Little needs you know why I -- glad that I like -- -- -- protect. Let's get. Look at -- -- like 37 years old. I'm I'm in an interview disparities -- -- -- that is how does that work cannot -- and he went -- in the -- supporters -- -- fifteen years in the business -- don't want to -- -- Do you let him walk -- hundred -- -- -- yeah. Here. Yeah. That's do you make those -- make you go back there are getting friends think -- him. Meantime she sent me in my room with a spoon. Yeah. Good to their option here. Yeah. Are we sitting -- -- that's if you haven't thought pat extra of the day take a look at another few months from -- cat with a mustache. The look -- -- -- And get them out come what -- whatever sophisticated looking instead -- mastering -- there is got a long ones hello I carried away apparently changed that sort of with the -- and it's -- guess is that -- It's a World Cup. Fall soccer ball back on -- Yeah it's balancing a pretty good here looks like it ever got to the patents -- different had a cat -- -- think that. Expect a try. I you have to say have never been a huge cat person with him when -- viral videos and pictures come out -- kind of phone laughs did you see there were there were -- cranky cats. If there's a video will have to play for the turned down for what video with the cats and that is what will put -- thought the idea the -- and re -- -- here -- -- A no clue what he's talking about it also -- Jim -- next -- into the.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Cat enjoys owners shaking workout machine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24105275","title":"Viral Video Shows Cat Getting a Workout","url":"/GMA/video/viral-video-shows-cat-workout-24105275"}