Virginia Beach Art Teacher Receives Surprise of a Lifetime

Heather Piccoli was brave enough to tackle bullying in her school and now her husband, friends, over 400 students and country star Brad Paisley are giving thanks to the inspiring teacher.
7:53 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Virginia Beach Art Teacher Receives Surprise of a Lifetime
It is time to go "Above and beyond" and you are looking now at a "Gma" viewers helping us out this morning. It's just a preview of what's about -- do not get old, people. Do not get old. We're going to honor another one who's gone above and beyond. That was fantastic. Bring that closer for robin. Found a fantastic teacher. Wish we could honor them all but this one has gone "Above and beyond" with her campaign about bullying called just be but it's my honor to introduce everyone to a woman that the students call miss pickle. In the fifth grade I met my wife and I felt like I had to tell somebody this story. To know heather is to love her. The students adore her. They call her miss pickle because they can't pronounce Piccoli right. Why do my students call me miss pickle? Each month she holes fund-raisers where the students partake. The kids realized it's not always about themselves but about helping others. Just when you think you're done with one charity or fund-raiser she comes up with something else. ? Oh we've got so much going for you ? We're going through fertility treatments for two years and it takes a lot of time, which took away from her and her passion to be with these kids. Unfortunately unable to have children at this moment. No one deserving more, I think, to be a mother than her. But she's a mother to those kids in a way. ? In fifth grade I got bullied by a few kids. I would have art with miss Piccoli. She made everything better. She made me feel good about myself. Good about my art and the bullies disappeared in my life. She told everyone especially me during this time just be myself. ? Now I am invisible ? Heather did a commemorative art project called just be. ? She's just a just be person, loving and caring and giving back. ? Now I am invincible ? Heather wholeheartedly deserves this honor of "Above and beyond." It's been a very inspirational thing to be around this woman for 30 plus years. ? ? now I am invincible ? All right, you see why we love her, robin, so you all sent me down to Virginia Beach and let the conspiracy begin. And we conspired with 700 students, all of them at her school, her friends, her husband and also John Quigley, our aerial artist to find a way to honor her and knocked on her during the middle of a school day to give her the surprise of her life. Here we go. Hey ? I did ? hoping you take that jump ? You're going to be epic! I need you all to -- you know where you're supposed to be. You're going this way. Good morning, America. All right. Come on out. Come on. We got the whole school out here. I guess you know these folks. Hi. I have to get the kids to sit still. She's here, everybody. These finally here. ? What do you think about all this? I'm in shock. You don't know what to think. I don't know what to think. Our colleagues laid out for you. You're the art teacher. We thought what better way to honor you with art but to really explain it and show it to you how they witnessed to honor you have to take a bird's-eye view and do it now. I want you to look at this monitor. ? I I did it all ? I love it. I love it. It's so awesome. ? I I did it all ? oh. There were some words that go in here as well. And we're going to cue phase two. Now. So many many place, the things that I did. That is awe committee? We are going to finish the artwork by dotting the "I." You are the "I." Yay. We were told you have been trying to get some funds raised for your class, a 3D printer. We heard about this and what we did was get the folks the maker bot to donate a 3D printer for your class. That is for your class. Yay. This is great. Thank you. Thank you. That was so incredible. This is very, very fun to see my artwork come to life with people. And, of course, our thanks to mak makerbot for the printer and for the t-shirts. Here she is, now, tell them -- we brought the whole crew out here. Tell me your reaction. She said I'm shaking. I am too. Watching that. You are a crier. I saw tears. That has to be a wonderful feeling. Teachers are so unselfish. You don't expect anything in return but it has to mean so much to you. Totally not expected and still feels very surreal. I'm so sorry. We're not dong with the surprises, okay. Your students, we asked this emto just give us a drawing, give us something about miss pickle and put it together in a nice little collage. Look at it up top. It's going all of times square can see that right now. The best teacher ever. You're the best. ? You got so much love ? Do you recognize that guy. I do. That's brad paisley. You're a fan, am I right? I am. Now, we told Mr. Paisley about your story. He was intrigued and he wanted to meet you personally so what he did was sent us six tickets there. Heather. Hey, hey, guy, how are you doing? Hey. I'm T.J. Holmes for "Good morning America." How are you doing? Good. Good. We are here, edy T here to do a ck-to-school special. We're actually here because of you. And solely because of you. This guy brought you to our attention. Come on in here. Oh. Say hello to your wife. Hi. I know you're wondering what in the world is going on right now. "Goo D morning America" is here because you "Above and beyond" and we want to honor you.

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{"duration":"7:53","description":"Heather Piccoli was brave enough to tackle bullying in her school and now her husband, friends, over 400 students and country star Brad Paisley are giving thanks to the inspiring teacher.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34003508","title":"Virginia Beach Art Teacher Receives Surprise of a Lifetime","url":"/GMA/video/virginia-beach-art-teacher-receives-surprise-lifetime-34003508"}