Is too much vitamin D hurting you?

Dr. Jen Ashton appears live on "GMA" to discuss a new study that suggests taking too many vitamin D supplements can be hazardous to your health.
2:21 | 06/21/17

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Transcript for Is too much vitamin D hurting you?
warning about taking too much vitamin D. New research reveals it's more common than you may think. It's known as the sunshine vitamin and more popular than ever but overdoing it could lead to health risks and Dr. Jen Ashton is here and it's really important. Great to have you. A lot of people in the northeast have been told we need to be taking it. All the rage. The northern latitudes, an incredibly popular vitamin sum many. This latest report took T pulse of what we're doing in this country, how many of us are taking it and how much we're taking so the analysis was done 2013 to 2014. We're taking a lot of it. About 18% of American adults take a thousand units a day, about 3% of us are taking 4,000 units a day. That's significant because that's the upper limit of Normal. That's where you can potentially get into issues with toxicity. Very popular. Yeah. It can build up. So break it down. Who should take it and who shouldn't? To be clear the research in vitamin D is ongoing. The conclusive report, the national academy of medicine really says there's good evidence to support its role in bone health, other areas of health and wellness still controversial but there are some guidelines so for an adult under the age of 70, the recommendations are to get 600 units a day when you talk about adults over the age of 70, that bumps up to 800 units a day. However, we have to remember there is a lot of us that could be at risk so you mentioned the northeast. We live in new England. You know, we're not getting 12 months a year of sun exposure, certain groups are at risk so talking people with dark skin, people who are obese, the elderly, people who are home bound or don't get a lot of natural exposure, those people can be deficient. I pick up a lot of low leffs in my patients? Because you're a nutritionist 'well. Why do we have this sitting here? I love it. Sushi for breakfast. You can get into trouble with too much vitamin D and it can cause high calcium levels in the blood, weakness, nausea, kidney stones which I have had. Not fun. Always best to get these from the whole food sources so this is about 140 grams of salmon, this has your daily allotment but you can get it from egg, Orange juice, food. Always better. When the body breaks it down it's always better. Yeah, I'm going to take it. You've been eyeing it all morning. I'm a salmon fan. Thank you, Jen.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss a new study that suggests taking too many vitamin D supplements can be hazardous to your health. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48172841","title":"Is too much vitamin D hurting you? ","url":"/GMA/video/vitamin-hurting-48172841"}