Vladimir Putin Offers Solution to Super Bowl Ring Scandal

Russian president accused of stealing championship ring responds to scandal.
2:20 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vladimir Putin Offers Solution to Super Bowl Ring Scandal
National scandal involving Russian president back in Latin implosion and the case of the allegedly stolen Super Bowl ring that ring belonged to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft who claims food and walked off with -- when they met several years ago the Russian leader is now responding to the allegation by offering an odd and somewhat -- solution. ABC's -- -- is in Moscow. Vladimir Putin is finally addressing an international scandal that's hounded him all week. Accusations he stole a Super Bowl ring from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft Foods response. Rate. The -- and it only -- but and I remember music group. Nor the ring but he says he does remember some souvenirs being exchanged. A week ago craft claimed that -- pocketed the ring after the two met in 2005. He says he gave food in the ring to look at and were cold the former KGB spy saying. I could kill someone with his ring. That was eight years ago. Back then Kraft said the ring was a gift but now says he said that only after the White House feared asking Ford back would be a diplomatic debacle. A Kremlin aide insists the ring was definitely a gift. Calling craft claims weird on Friday put more sarcastic when asked about the scandal. Additional sum because I'm youthful mr. crime control perspective it. Teams are cramped space situation to make his idea -- another ring Sobel in doubt he'll forget about the old one. The old bring had a mere 124. Diamonds totaling just five carats valued at only 25000. Dollars. Who wouldn't start. I will. -- Manufacturers. To produce there really. Crude it is easy -- valuable thing I don't have found a good -- so. A -- so much better this time craft won't let it out of his sight. The ring is reportedly somewhere in the Kremlin behind me but the question is -- food is really gonna give -- the -- -- Why -- it is getting the old one back then a Miata. That is a fair question and that is the you know on the flip side -- is known for its fine jewelry gold diamond. Peter you know I lost my wedding ring -- get -- about it. It is our engineers and when I have picked up.

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{"id":19463019,"title":"Vladimir Putin Offers Solution to Super Bowl Ring Scandal","duration":"2:20","description":"Russian president accused of stealing championship ring responds to scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/vladimir-putin-offers-solution-super-bowl-ring-scandal-19463019","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}