Volkswagen Executive Arrested on Conspiracy Charges

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:48 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for Volkswagen Executive Arrested on Conspiracy Charges
Now with our big board Dan Abrams your table for our first story Marshall for Volkswagen FBI has arrested a top executive on conspiracy charges can be is accused. A selling cars consumers that are known to lose again this man due to be arraigned in court cases serious move. Yeah let's take a step back here we're talking about eleven million cars that were fitted with these devices that allow them to fool emissions tests rights of the cards would go in for an emissions test. Make it seem like they're no problems admitted that it leaves the emissions test that's allegedly polluting. Into the air. And the question was who knew what right because. Initially the government was given a lot of false explanations. Technical explanations for why this might be happening. Now Volkswagen. Is admitting. That there were eleven million cars there were fitted with this. Now we're seeing again not a civil. But a criminal. Arrest here. Of this person they believe defrauded the United States let's talk about the civil because that he said there were eleven million people who own this car and what we're base that's right Sosa to one of three things can happen. Either they can go get it fixed. Or it can't be fixed they can get the price of their car paid back to them. And the third thing though is some people would say you know what I don't either of those ominous sue. And in England were dirty seeing now that it seems a lawsuits believe bout for thousands of dollars per person. Where the car so there are options for people who had these cars it seems that related to to Volkswagen's Audi and some. Portion and is likely be a multi billion dollar settlement with the government coming up this week but this criminal. Investigations criminal charges are what's new. It makes it totally different for some of the other cases we've heard about right. You hear about these big recalls and these huge fines and people say well you know there would but there was no criminal. That's what makes this different because in this case you're not talking about the allegation that there was a problem that was then covered up. Hear you talking about intentional conduct. To prevent someone from finding something so I think that's why the government believes this case is different than the others we talked about new territory here absolute. All right Dan think you. Next up Alabama crimson facing off tonight net epic championship. Rematch. The tigers look into the throne the Crimson Tide apple actors so. But nail biting loss Jesse isn't Tampa where the teams will do battle do you enjoy being in Tampa a little bit cold here. The New Yorker doesn't reformed talk about the big rematch tonight let's talk about what. Yesterday you're giants and you knew once they got shellacked as they did the people let him bring out. The boat trip that was a week ago on their off day there's if it as a critic of the connection to the to come on. I think there is a connection I don't think is any physical connection to your point earlier in the boat party happened a week before the game but I do think there was a little bit of a mental hangover from that. Because they all created a massive distraction I biggest pro athletes if you're gonna post the party on social media you open yourself up to a lot of criticism that you've played poorly. You're gonna have to answer for that eager to get question fort mortal beckon Jr. dropped touchdown pass through. Included sterling Shepperd in the very next play and it snowballed from there the giants didn't just lose because of how the wide receivers played digging up 38 point. Hail Mary at the end of the first fat items at the end of the day didn't really help but there were reports the total Beckum junior punched a hole in the wall and outside of the press conference troops I think that just shows you. There was a little bit of a mental and maybe an emotional angle it's dangerous for receiver to hitting the wall and it's just been just a cycle of the game tonight. The little bit of a controversy for Alabama this week coaching controversy. Tell us what happened what givers and might make. George I've never seen this before a head coach making a change it offensive coordinator one week before the big game Salim Kiffin out. Steve search he's an end for Alabama calling plays in the big question a house is gonna affect the offense for Alabama I think. Nick Saban thought there's too much distraction going on laying chickens gone to become the new head coach at Florida Atlantic University they didn't play great on up it's against Washington in the semifinal Steve search keys as one of the most respected offensive minds. It all of college football. He knows the playbook he knows the players but he hasn't called plays for them yet this year I think this is one of the most intriguing aspects of tonight's. An intriguing as one word. OK let's let's talk more about the big game edited the big game could assess over your shoulder. On the Jumbotron there aren't so it doesn't tell us and we should watch for a both sides of the ball. I think for Clemson starts with quarterback Jon wants it is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the country finished runnerup for the Heisman he's gonna try to prove that he's the best player here tonight. He's going to be confident too because he played so well against Alabama last for the national title game we didn't have though was his best wide receiver Mike Williams six foot three forward point five pounds. He's playing tonight is a match at night routes either try to take advantage of all the man coverage that Alabama defense let's throw over the Crimson Tide. What about true freshman quarterback Jay on hurts eighteen. SEC offensive player of the year he's shown phenomenal poise all season but tonight. Playing in the biggest stage of his life. How does he handle the pressures on the one who. And just gave you have a couple friends with you got a lot riding on tonight's game I do guy's guy the c'mon and I got big Al here from Tuscaloosa. Yeah tiger putts and if he's got to man up a year ago they like each other so much they decided to come back and do it again and play for the national championship trophy presented by doctor pepper. So are you gotta make your ears election news they do that Jesse and make pick. Robin you're really good at making he has a very sabathia threw Oprah as her big big I loved him a picture last year. This year I'm golden hour oh court. The biggest difference let's just look James of Brooklyn that is it 1981. Observed you cannot sit on unless Florida the when he got to let it yeah think. You can think Clinton cannot navigate and see for yourself the battle for the national title tonight at 8 PM eastern on he has been.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44638231","title":"Volkswagen Executive Arrested on Conspiracy Charges","url":"/GMA/video/volkswagen-executive-arrested-conspiracy-charges-44638231"}