Warning Shots Fired Between Russian, Ukrainian Forces

Russian Troops fired warning shots at air base after Putin delivers stern words for the West.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warning Shots Fired Between Russian, Ukrainian Forces
on the crisis in Ukraine. A very tense situation growing as Russian president Putin makes his first comments this morning. ABC's terry Moran is there on the front lines for us. Good morning, terry. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Well, dramatic fast-breaking developments here this morning. The first shots fired in those tense standoffs between Russian and Ukrainian forces and Vladimir Putin speaking out defiantly defending had invasion and threatening to go even further. Reporter: This morning a scene of incredible bravery and patriotism at the air base here, Ukrainian soldiers unarmed March forward under their nation's flag and a world war ii battle flag to confront the Russian forces. The Russians fire warning shots into the air. The commanders negotiated they propose jointly guarding their base but the standoff continues. In Moscow Putin spoke with reporters describing this invasion as a humanitarian mission and calmly declaring his troops could move further into Ukraine if locals requested assistance. A map shows why this region is so crucial. Ukraine along the southern border and there in the south jutting into the waters of the black sea the crimean peninsula home to a critical Russian Navy base. In the nearby bordt of sevastopol they block a Ukrainian Navy vessel tightening their noose while in istanbul, Turkey, two more Russian vessels likely heading towards crimea. We spoke with the Ukrainian soldier on guard at another base now surrounded by Russian troops. Are you okay? For many Ukrainians it is just too much. You want the Russian soldiers to go home. "Yes, go home to their families," he says. Our ABC news colleague Alex Marquardt is at that base where the shots were fired and talked to Ukrainian soldiers and they say they will fight. Especially what Putin is saying, throwing down the gaunt let to president Obama and the west, what are they going to do about

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{"id":22763630,"title":"Warning Shots Fired Between Russian, Ukrainian Forces","duration":"3:00","description":"Russian Troops fired warning shots at air base after Putin delivers stern words for the West.","url":"/GMA/video/warning-shots-fired-russian-ukrainian-forces-22763630","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}